Demand Driven Technologies welcomes UK based Olivehorse Consulting to its Channel Partner team!

Demand Driven Technologies is delighted to announce the Olivehorse Consulting have joined its Channel Partner team. Olivehorse Consulting, based in the UK, is one of the few SAP partners specialising entirely in supply chain planning and management. Their team have architected solutions that run some of the largest, fast moving global supply chains. Olivehorse have helped clients achieve tangible benefits from their investments in SAP SCM, IBP and in DDMRP technology through;

  • Guiding clients to set a direction in terms of planning technology strategy which supports their business goals and makes optimum use of the SAP product set. This includes advice on the development and deployment of IBP (Integrated Business Planning)
  • Maximising return on investment from existing SCM and SAP APO implementations through evaluation of existing solutions and processes against good planning practice, and by leveraging DDMRP techniques such as R+ within your Supply chain.
  • Reducing risk and managing complexity on large scale SCM programmes through the provision of highly experienced solution architect and programme management advice.

Learn more about Olivehorse at:

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