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North America


Constraints Management Group, LLC (US)
Variability and volatility are on the rise. Global sourcing and demand, shortened product life cycles and customer tolerance time, new materials, highly customized products and leaner inventories make today’s manufacturing enterprises more susceptible to major disruptions throughout operations. Conventional approaches such as MRP, Six-Sigma and Lean are falling short in the face of this mounting challenge.We offer today’s manufacturing enterprises a proven set of solutions to effectively manage VARIABILITY and VOLATILITY, tap into hidden potential, and create the VISIBILITY and VELOCITY required to compete and thrive in today’s global manufacturing landscape.www.thoughtwarepeople.comReplenishment+® Contact: Constraints Management Group, LLC

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Intuiflow (US)
Intuiflow is a joint venture between Demand Driven Technologies and Head In The Cloud Software. The mission of Intuiflow is to bring DD Tech’s demand driven offerings to NetSuite ERP. Replenishment+ NS is now available and makes the tremendous power of Demand Driven MRP to NetSuite users. Replenishment+ NS is enabled as a SuiteApp running on NetSuite’s hosting platform and is directly tied to core client data. This eliminates integration tasks enabling a rapid implementation and ensures a stable data environment for the client. As well, the application follows the NetSuite User Interface providing a consistent experience for users. Intuiflow will continue to extend the capabilities of Replenishment+ NS as DD Tech continues to extend the capabilities of Replenishment+. For more information, contact Intuiflow at: Web: Intuiflow_LOGO_Tagline - small 2

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Optimal Solution Technologies (US)
Optimal Solution Technologies is a management consulting organization that prepares its clients for and implements Demand Driven Technologies software product Replenishment+. With several implementations under our belt, we realize successful implementations can require a variety of services to ensure success. Optimal Solution Technologies provides the following services:
• Demand Driven consulting
• Organizational Change Management
• Business Strategy and IT Management
• Business Process ReengineeringOur mission is to deliver the extraordinary value that DD MRP can create. We won’t be satisfied until you have a great story to tell.Web Site:
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Novaces (US)
NOVACES is  a management consulting firm that provides performance management, continuous process improvement (CPI), and project management services to both public and private sector organizations. NOVACES helps clients build capabilities in today’s most effective methodologies to achieve breakthrough operational and financial results. Toll free: 1.855.NOVACES Email: Web:

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ISS Group (US)
Founded in 1986, ISS Group has over 25 years of business process knowledge and experience servicing the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors, and has completed hundreds of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), eCommerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations, and continues to innovate and offer low cost Business Process Enhancement (BPE) solutions for the QAD Enterprise Applications (QAD EA) ERP system.With deep technical and functional knowledge of QAD EA, and the common business requirements of the QAD EA user community; we have greatly expanded our solution’s portfolio functionality to streamline and provide additional control over business processes in areas such as Purchasing, Demand Driven ERP, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Many ISS Group solutions are Mobile-Enabled and can also be delivered via the Cloud as well as On-Premise Deployment.www.issgroup.netReplenishment+® Contact: ISS Group

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Aquilon ERP Software is a fully integrated accounting system for Distributors and Manufacturers serving small and mid-sized businesses. Aquilon gives you unmatched control, visibility and profitability in one affordable, comprehensive, and yet easy to use ERP software system. Aquilon comes complete with “fast implementation tools” that will help you to get up and running quickly and easily. With the forthcoming integration with “Replenishment+®” ,   Aquilon now offers clients unmatched inventory planning capabilities to help  you balance your inventory and customer service objectives in one package.  www.Aquilon.bizContact: Aquilon Logo cropped with tagline-RGB

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The Simple Group (Mexico)
Simple® is a Management Consulting firm working hand-in-hand with its clients to deliver rapid, substantial and sustainable results. Our Partners and Consultants have a history of multi-site improvement programs implemented across continents and years of “hands on” experience and varying expertise enabling us to provide the best possible team. Our programs are tailored to suit objectives and drivers of the organization, supported by our experience to make rapid gains to ensure ROI early in the program.
More than:
 200 Plants
 55 Distribution Centres
 800 Production Lines
 $700 million Identified Opportunities
 $400 million Onsite ImplementationsWebsite:

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PSQ (South Africa)
At PSQ, our philosophy is that People, Systems and Quality are the foundation for any successful company.

  • People – well educated, trained, motivated and empowered employees. Without the right people your business is worthless.
  • Systems – DDMRP/ MRP II / ERP/ JIT /Lean operations, Process Control and Automation. Without well implemented and maintained systems you are unable to plan and control your materials and capacities to ensure high levels of customer service.
  • Quality – Total Quality Management, Quality systems VDA 6 / ISO 9000. Without quality products you will not be able to access global markets and supply chains.

It is excellent people that make systems work. It is good systems that make you efficient. It is excellent people together with their good systems that will produce a quality product for the company. Focus on the people first, systems second and quality will follow naturally. web-site : contact

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Based in Seoul, Korea, TOC VISION is a high-performance process improvement consulting company that delivers rapid and on-going growth of the enterprise by elevating the performance of constraints within the client system.Our executive team has over 20 years of process improvement consulting and ERP implementation experience.TOC VISION services maximize client profitability through the implementation of Demand Driven solutions which increase work and cash flow velocity without real Replenishment+® Contacts: and TOC Vision

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Avenir Management Consulting  (India)

Based in India, Avenir Management Consulting is a results driven management consulting company. Over the past decade, Avenir has worked with more than 50 companies in India and Mexico to achieve significant improvements in top and the bottom-line.

Avenir has developed deep understanding of leverage points within supply chains of large manufacturing organizations. Avenir has helped them to focus on these leverage points to derive significant results in terms of improved On time delivery and fill rate with much lower working capital. (Inventory and receivables).

Through this alliance Avenir and Demand Driven Technologies bring together Thoughtware, Software, Peopleware* (Change Management) for express delivery of results.


DNS Consultants (India)

DNS Consultants is a results oriented management consulting firm, specialized in providing supply chain solutions for companies in the Textile, Apparel and Retail industries. Our solutions have helped clients improve their profitability, brand reputation as quality vendors, and inventory turnover rates.  We take pride in achieving substantial business improvements while effectively managing the change process in the client environment. We believe that DDMRP and Replenishment+ are powerful and innovative solutions to the needs of the Textile, Apparel and Retail industries. E-mail: Web:

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DataDevelop Consulting (China)
DataDevelop Consulting Ltd. is a result-oriented management consulting firm, specializes in providing various methodologies and ERP Performance Recovery & Acceleration services.Over the last 20 years, we have successfully established many improvement projects through for practical bottom-line improvement in different industries.We are committed to help our customer to succeed by increasing cash flow velocity and by maximizing profitability without real risks.www.datadevelop.comReplenishment+® Contact: DataDevelop Consulting

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Agilea (France)

Created in 2009, AGILEA is a fast growing consulting and education team, devoted to help its customers through their Supply Chain and Industrial Optimizations projects.  Our customers recognize us as a customer oriented, pragmatic, innovative and agile partner that meets its commitments and focus on delivering results. Our team is composed of sector experts with a strong operations background and a broad skillset in Supply Chain Management (CPIM, CIRM, CSCP), Lean Six Sigma (BB, GB), Change Management (Process Com.) and Quality.Agilea is growing a DDMRP expertise with a core team of CDDPs and certified DDI instructors to coach its customers on their Demand Driven journey.Web site :  . Contact us at Agilea logo Jan 2015

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Catena Strategies (Finland / Germany)

Catena Strategies, a leading international management consulting firm, offers services that drive measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations: manufacturing, supply chain, and project management. We offer strategic and tactical expert advisory as well as on-site consulting and implementation services, supporting all facets of operations and supply chain management. Our services drive measurable improvements in your operations: improved return on capital, higher profitability, a stronger competitive position and growth, better service levels, shorter lead times and time to market and higher productivity at lower cost. With our team of experienced consultants, we look beyond the surface of the situation to deliver solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs and situation and that address the core problems instead of the symptoms. We work with your experts on a solution that you own, assuring successful change and transition management, as well as sustainability of results. Our approach is deeply rooted in modern, innovative but proven management philosophies and technology such as the Theory of Constraints, Demand Driven MRP, Critical Chain and Visual Project Management. By focusing on the key leverage points in your environment, it is possible to delivery dramatic performance improvements quickly, typically within weeks. That’s why we call it: Performance. Delivered. Now. Catena Strategies is also the regional affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute for the Nordics, Baltics and Poland. Visit our website at or contact us at Catena Logo



CMG Consultores (Spain)
CMG Consultores delivers Demand Driven solutions in the materials and supply chain, production control and project management.www.cmgconsultores.comReplenishment+® Contact: CMG Consultores (Spain)

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ABM Cloud (Russia / Ukraine)
ABM Cloud is an innovation company, which specializes in the development and implementation of cloud software solutions for improving business performance. There are more than 100 clients in the company’s portfolio. We focus on building the supply chain eco system, where independent solutions for automation: stock management (production, distribution, retail), transport management, store and pharmacy management, warehouse management, cash flow management, and mobile analytics all ally together to deliver more value.
Our main goal is to increase the assets and manageability of our customer’s business by delivering software cloud solutions and advanced education to growth real Demand Driven Supply Chain professionals.
Web Site:
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Profitia is a leading Polish consultancy, specialized in supporting processes that provide outstanding results for companies. Profitia combines strategic consulting experience with focus on operational efficiency and reducing supply chain costs. For nearly 10 years, a team of experienced specialists in supply chain have successfully implemented projects using the knowledge and experience gained through cooperation with leading Polish and international companies. Profitia is a Partner of The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply for CEE.
Web Site:
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South America


Flowing Consultoria (Columbia)

Flowing Consultoría is a Colombian consulting company in operations management for manufacturing and service enterprises. We use the most advanced methodologies and technics available in the world in order to support our clients to reach Operational Excellency and World Class standards. The basic principle of our work is that our clients are able to manage their companies under the First law of operations: High speed of flow of materials and information.

Flowing Consultoría es una empresa Colombiana de consultoría en gerencia de operaciones industriales y de servicios. Utilizamos las técnicas más avanzadas disponibles en el mundo para apoyar a nuestros clientes en el propósito de alcanzar la Excelencia operativa y estándares de desempeño de talla mundial. El principio básico de nuestro trabajo es que nuestros clientes logren gerenciar sus empresas bajo la primera ley de las operaciones: Flujo veloz de materiales e información.