DBR+™ is a powerful tool to bring the methodology into real-time reality. Web-based demonstrations are easy to schedule and take about 1 hour. If you are located outside of the United States, contact us to find an Authorized Service Provider in your area.

Through proprietary design, DBR+™ allows users to easily MODEL, SCHEDULE and then easily EXECUTE through a real-time, user friendly web-based format. Additionally, reporting formats easily facilitate multiple types of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT activities.


Model with DBR+™
Schedule with DBR+™
Execute with DBR+™
Continuous Improvement with DBR+™


Model DBR in your environment

The manufacturing environment is defined and mapped into DBR+™. Users can either create the model in DBR+™ or import all manufacturing data from an existing database.


Define Buffers for Product “Rope Families”

Rope families are comprised of parts with similar routings and process times. Users globally set and manage constraint shipping, completion and processing buffers from these families.

Define buffers for product rope families
Model and Manage Your Resources

Define multiple constraints. Define calendars per shift and resource. Define resources including operator capacity.

Model and Manage Your Parts

Create or import all critical part information. Easy to build, import or manage routings regardless of number of constraint passes.

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Schedule to full DBR principles

The Master Scheduler prepares a finite schedule for all constraints based on order due date, constraint capacities, all buffers and varying rope lengths for product families.

Dynamic rope length calculations based on quantity AND transfer batch size.
Quick and realistic answers for Sales.
Minimize earlies.
Minimize lates.
Maximize flow.

Powerful “what if” scenarios can be built that include alternate routings and resource definitions, order compaction and splitting as well as differing priority codes.


Last year, I did not believe that there was such a thing as hidden capacity. My perspective was that we were very good at what we did. We always were getting incrementally better and there was no room for significant improvement without additional resources. In general, due to the implementation of DBR+™, we have been able to increase throughput and pass a large amount of work through the shop to satisfy past due needs of our customers. We also have found room to take all new jobs that show up. Rather than react to each customers’ urgent need for the week, we are able to take a look at monthly needs, adjust resources and execute a plan.”

John Bressoud, Vice President

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Execute DBR in real-time

Buffer Management Comes Alive in DBR+™

Highly visible and intuitive web-based buffer boards allow the shop floor to see real-time exactly what the priorities are. Easy point and click capability makes transacting and reason code collection effortless. With proper security protocols, web-based buffer boards can be accessed and monitored remotely.

Clear Signals for Every Resource

Electronic dispatch lists for all resources with point and click drill down capability for all relevant work order information including notes and hyperlinked files.

Customer Service and Sales can give customers accurate and timely data.

See Capacity Challenges and Opportunities

Resource load graphs for all resources easily point out areas that need help or have extra capacity to exploit or draw from.

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The analytics portion of DBR+™ allows management to keep the improvements coming. Management can easily identify areas, that if improved, will translate directly to the stability and throughput potential of the system. This type of capability helps direct and maximize the effectiveness of Lean-Six Sigma activties and capital investments.

Reports include:
On time to Release Report
On time to Start Report
On time to Buffer Report
Reason Code Report

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