The Perfect Production Schedule Doesn’t Exist

production schedule - stopwatch

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are on the rise. Technology is moving into our shop floors. LCD touch screens are gradually replacing physical boards and post-its. However, we must recognize that the vast majority of our workshops, however complex, are planned or scheduled in Excel, right? The promise of scheduling algorithms Scheduling solutions have existed for … Read more

Adaptive Supply Chains for the Healthcare Industry

As everyone painfully knows, the healthcare supply chain has been in the headlines for several months. This is a very unique supply chain, because the availability of products can literally have vital consequences. Several players in this sector have adopted the Demand Driven model to ensure the permanent adaptation of their flows to changes in the … Read more

DDMRP in India: A Conversation with Yagna

Today’s supply chains are global, so it’s no surprise that interest in DDMRP spans the world, too. In India, Demand Driven Technologies has had the privilege of partnering with Yagna, a supply chain “Resultancy” that helps small to mid-sized businesses streamline operations and improve materials flow. After collaborating on the implementation of Replenishment+ at an … Read more

How Can AI Be Used in Supply Chain?

how can AI be used in supply chain

Decades of Lean and continuous improvement initiatives have profoundly changed the way many companies operate.   We have gone from a traditional organization — with a hierarchical structure of leaders who make decisions and implementers who obey — to a network of men and women who each use their knowledge to improve performance every day.  At the … Read more