Interview with Monomakh director: how to increase sales by 60%

Monomakh automated inventory management in production using Intuifow, which works according to the algorithms of the new DDMRP methodology. In two years, the company increased sales by 60% without additional inventory and significantly strengthened its influence as a leader in the tea & coffee Ukrainian industry. After reading this, the audience will be divided into … Read more

Case Study: Implementing DDMRP in Eastern Europe

pet food manufacturer kormotech uses ddmrp to make pet food

The Eastern European/Central Asian market has a number of unique qualities. Out here, the success of Western companies seems so distant from our reality that it is simply not perceived as an argument in favor of change. Western markets are more mature, according to this line of thought, and therefore more stable, predictable, and easy … Read more

Demand Driven Technologies listed as one of the 20 most promising supply chain solutions providers 2022 by CIO Review

demand driven technologies supply chain award cio review

ATLANTA, September 6, 2022 – Demand Driven Technologies, the leading provider of demand driven supply chain solutions, announced today that it has been listed as one of the 20 most promising supply chain solutions providers 2022 by CIO Review. CIO Review is a leading print and digital technology magazine based in the U.S. that guides enterprises through … Read more

Transformation of Inventory Management: Fast Pack Case Study

The events of the last two years have tested companies’ strength. Digitalization, the effects of the pandemic, and the reversal of market trends are rapidly transforming economic stability. The realities of modern business do not leave a chance for those who are slow to respond to the changes that are taking place. Prolonged reflection on … Read more