Dynamics 365 Users: Revolutionize Your Supply Chain Performance

Sync your supply chain to actual market demand with Intuiflow for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Forget the crystal ball, ditch the spreadsheets, and ensure the smooth flow of your materials with a Demand Driven planning approach. Identify critical priorities instantly and focus on what matters in your supply chain.

A New Planning Paradigm for a Resilient Supply Chain

Supply chain performance is a hot topic for today’s manufacturers and distributors, but conventional planning techniques are proving inadequate to today’s volatile and uncertain market environment.

It’s time to challenge the status quo in your supply chain planning.

Empower your business with Intuiflow, a solution that leverages disruptive Demand Driven Planning Methods and AI/ML to help your business embrace change and power fast, agile business performance. Improve demand signal accuracy by shifting to a consumption driven model. Reduce the bullwhip effect and promote supply chain flow with strategically placed inventory buffers that ensure constant material availability.

Tackle Uncertainty

Ditch the spreadsheets and align Resources to Actual Demand, reducing the Impact of Variation.

Take Control

Eliminate the guesswork caused by inaccurate forecasts and make decisions based on real sales orders.

Agility At Scale

Use AI/ML to improve ease of use while optimizing product flow and inventory.

Robust ERP Integrations

Easily integrate Intuiflow into your current ERP system and see immediate ROI.

Results You Can Count On

Inventory Reductions of up to

0 %

Lead time compressions up to

0 %

Customer service rates up to

0 %

Seamless two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics BC and F&O

Intuiflow offers a seamless two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics BC and F&O, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual importing and exporting.

Administrators have granular control over the configuration, so they can decide how and where Demand Driven principles are implemented throughout their operations.
Intuiflow is a registered Microsoft AppSource solution. This stamp of quality assurance verifies that the solution will always integrate with the most recent releases.

Demand Driven Technologies is the global leader in the Demand-Driven space. Our technologies were the first to be certified by Demand Driven Institute (DDI) and we are the only developer of Dynamics 365 add-ons to offer DDI-certified solutions across all three categories of DDMRP, DDOM, and DDS&OP.

What People Are Saying

John Dilling


“We have a lot more insight into our inventory control, production planning, and material planning than ever before.”

Steven Wicks

Planning Manager

“If I had to summarize DDMRP into one word it would be visibility. We are able to see, at first glance the actual status of our raw materials and finished goods, which guides us in the right direction to do replenishments in the right order.”

Thibault D’Herouville


“The bimodal distribution disappeared very quickly, and the plant planners have an easier way of working.”

Barry Katz

Sr. Director Supply

“We see a competitive advantage for ourselves in the marketplace by being able to deliver very high service levels.”

Scott Faniola


“Our team used to spend hours a day determining material requirements, lookin g for items, issuing Pos, expediting orders… Now, with Intuiflow, the data is right in front of us first thing in the morning.”