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NetSuite Users: Go From Predictability to Agility

Sync your supply chain to actual market demand with Intuiflow for NetSuite. Forget the crystal ball, ditch the spreadsheets, and ensure the smooth flow of your materials with a Demand Driven planning approach. Identify critical priorities instantly and focus on what matters in your supply chain.

A New Planning Paradigm for a Resilient Supply Chain

Supply chain performance is a hot topic for today’s manufacturers and distributors, but conventional planning techniques are proving inadequate to today’s volatile and uncertain market environment.

It’s time to challenge the status quo in your supply chain planning.

Empower your business with Intuiflow, a solution that leverages disruptive Demand Driven Planning Methods to help your business embrace change and power fast, agile business performance. Improve demand signal accuracy by shifting to a consumption driven model. Reduce the bullwhip effect and promote supply chain flow with strategically placed inventory buffers that ensure constant material availability.
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Tackle Uncertainty

Ditch the spreadsheets and align Resources to Actual Demand, reducing the Impact of Variation.

Take Control

Eliminate the guesswork caused by inaccurate forecasts and make decisions based on real sales orders.

NetSuite Native

Skip the expensive and time-consuming software integrations by installing Intuiflow via the SuiteCloud Platform.

Results You Can Count On

Inventory Reductions of up to

0 %

Lead time Compressions of up to

0 %

Achieve Customer Service rates up to

0 %

Demand Driven Technologies Awards

DDTech listed among the 20 startups to watch in 2020
S&OP module named product of the year in 2018

Demand Driven Technologies is the global leader in the Demand-Driven space. Our technologies were the first to be certified by Demand Driven Institute (DDI) and we are the only developer of NetSuite add-ons to offer DDI-certified solutions across all three categories of DDMRP, DDOM, and DDS&OP. Intuiflow is the first and only Demand Driven solution built natively for NetSuite.

What People Are Saying

Kyle Keeney


“Intuiflow has helped us adapt to changing environments. It enables us to be proactive.”

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Christopher Veck


“I used to download multiple sales reports for each location, each week, and average them out manually, now we can do that daily, in a matter of minutes.”

Mark Evans

head of Global Supply Chain Management

“In a global pandemic with unprecedented supply chain issues, we were very pleased”

John Dilling 

“Intuiflow has given us a lot more insight into our inventory control, production planning, and materials planning than we’d had before.”