Building Supply Chain Agility in the Food & Beverage Industry – Part 2

Food & Beverage companies are facing increased challenges in managing their supply chains. Product proliferation, customer desire for fresher products, seasonal events and promotions are all contributing to creating a complex and difficult to manage planning environment. Against this backdrop, conventional planning methods are falling short of delivering value to supply chain planning and scheduling users working in the Food and Beverage segment. As well, industry executives struggle to gain the visibility they need to optimize plans and respond to market opportunities. In an ever-changing business climate, how do you optimize supply chain planning in the food industry?

Food & Beverage Industry Webinar - Part 2

The first session in our 2 part Food and Beverage Webinar series highlighted the supply chain challenges faced by producers in the F&B segment. Barry Anderson of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) shared his perspectives on the wider market conditions and how those conditions impacted the supply chain planning environment of CCBA.
Watch the recording of Part 1 HERE. 

Session 2 in the Food and Beverage Webinar Series focuses on how the application of demand driven concepts can address the key supply chain planning challenges faced by Food and Beverage manufacturers. The session demonstrates how the use of Demand Driven MRP and Demand Driven S&OP tactics and technology provide effective answers to the pressing supply chain needs in the F&B segment.

What You Will Learn

How demand driven tactics can help you address: 

Results Achieved by CCBA in the first 2 years of adopting Demand Driven MRP

Out of Stock Inventory

18%  down to 5%

On Time In Full

73%  up to 85%

Inventory Reductions


Food &Beverage Industry leaders leverage Demand Driven Planning

Erik Bush

Erik Bush - CEO/ Demand Driven Technologies

Erik Bush has led the growth of Demand Driven Technologies since its formation in the fall of 2011. 

He retired from IBM in 2010 after 31 years of experience with the company. He was the executive responsible for the rapid growth and expansion of IBM’s Network of GBS Global Delivery Centers. Erik also served as the Vice President of Operations for IBM’s Global Business Services units in Europe and the Americas.

How can DDMRP optimize your F&B Supply Chain - Part 2