Streamline your Materials Planning

Demand Driven Technologies has helped hundreds of companies in dozens of industries align materials to fast-changing market requirements and build more resilient supply chains.

Our technologies integrate with all major ERPs—bringing supply chain leaders the visibility and insights they need to optimize complex material flows.

Learn more about our work in the case studies below or get in touch to find out what we can do for your supply chain.

Learn how SATUERCA synchronized planning, purchasing, and production while increasing revenue.
Learn how YUKO reduced inventory while increasing sales by 13%.
Learn how Michelin stabilized their production schedule and reduced inventory by 20%
Learn how INDAUX increased visibility across their entire supply chain.
9wood logo
Learn how 9Wood was able to differentiate themselves from competitors by providing reliable service with DDMRP.
Amore Pacific | Demand Driven Technologies Client
Learn how Amore Pacific reduced raw materials inventory by 20% while improving service levels
Learn how Kormotech reduced lead time from 17 to 9 days and shrank inventory value by 25%
Learn how Haceb had an increase in sales by 27% while achieving a 28% decrease in net working capital.
Learn how Lightspeed created a more effective supply chain and responded faster to trends and new product introductions.
Learn how OFD Foods reduced on hand inventory by 60% and decreased late shipments by 96%.
Learn how Frulact increased working capital by 1 million Euros.
Coca Cola Beverages Africa
Learn how CCBA decreased procured materials by 38%.
Learn how Monomax increased sales by 59% while reducing overstock goods.
Straumann Logo
Learn how Straumann was able to re-balance and reduce inventory while reducing lead times.
Learn how IZAR increased their manufacturing capacity by eliminating bottle necks.
Learn how Wieland improved on-time performance and prioritized inventory through segmentation
Listen to this presentation to understand IVAR’s DDMRP journey.
Learn how Jamestown Container achieved best in class service levels while reducing inventory levels.
R+ has given us a lot more insight into our inventory control, production planning, and materials planning than we’d had before.