“We have improved our shop floor performance, and it is now easier for purchasing to manage orders and inventory. Early alert management has reduced expediting so more time can be used for developing improvement strategies.”

Business Challenge

COASA is part of Aernnova and is a leading aerostructures company specializing in the design and manufacturing of aerostructures and components such as wings, empennages and fuselage sections.

With revenues over 600 million euros, they are the first Tier 1 in Spain and the 10th worldwide. Coasa’s customers include: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, and Pilatus.

Coasa desired to achieve best in class service levels while optimizing inventory performance across their supply chain. However, due to inconsistent supply chain performance they had difficulty with:

  • Expensive raw materials
  • Long lead time for purchased parts
  • High degree of expedites

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