“With Replenishment+, all of the information is in one solution that is easy to use. Our planners were able to learn the system quickly and the solution has high visibility within the company.”

Business Challenge

IFAM is a leading Spanish manufacturer of padlocks, locks and anti-theft devices for motorcycles and bicycles. The products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and has subsidiaries in France, UK and Colombia.

With a large and complex distribution network, inventory and shipping management was a primary concern. Critical planning knowledge was controlled by one individual planning manager with their own method and no cross organizational visibility. This approach lead to forecast errors that translated into stock outs or excessive inventory and obsoletes. Additionally, IFAM was experiencing:

  • High inventory levels
  • High service level – 24 hour delivery commitment for some parts
  • Long lead times from vendors (China)
  • Large Minimum Order Quantities from their vendors

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