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How YUKO Lubricants Improved Supply Chain Flow


How YUKO Lubricants Improved Supply Chain Flow

YUKO comprises modern automotive and industrial oils, lubricants, cooling and lubricating fluids, forming fluids, service products that comply with international quality standards. They have permits of automobile manufactures and are exported to more than 70+ countries of the CIS, USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Yuko experienced a few challenges that are common among many supply chains:

  • Difficulty understanding when to have specific components in stock in time for production
  • Simultaneously having an overstock and understock of various components
  • Unreliable production schedule
  • Late deliveries leading to lower services levels

After searching for the right solution for their company, they discovered DDMRP and adopted Intuiflow. «DDMRP opened our eyes to the truth, it turns out there was no need to look for information we didn’t know, we already had this information, we just misinterpreted it.»

Sviatoslav Ollinky, ABM Cloud/DDI Master Instructor led the implementation of Intuiflow and will highlight Yuko Lubricants journey in this webinar.