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Demand Planning

Fast & Simple Sales Forecasting

Generate better forecasts with Intuiflow’s Demand Planning application to support your S&OP and fine-tune your Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM). With its user-friendly platform, foster collaboration across departments to better capture, assess, and plan demand.

Generate Your Forecasts Swiftly and Effortlessly

Take the pain out of S&OP by using forecasts not to generate commitments but to assess your ability to adapt to change. Leveraging real-time demand data and a range of future projections, Intuiflow helps you evaluate potential scenarios and intelligently adjust the operations that are most at risk. Leave the flawed demand signals and dependencies behind to simplify your workflow while improving operational stability. Custom machine learning models specific to your dataset are also an option.

Unlock Intelligent Decision-Making

Intuiflow automatically generates the insights you need to support your material replenishment. Effortlessly establish the forecasted rate of demand for your buffered items and the demand signal for your MTO items. Quickly identify potential conditions your operating model must address so you can take corrective actions and generate better inventory and manufacturing plans.

Fast & simple sales forecasting and performance tracking

We gather everything from sales, forecasts, KPIs and operational review dashboards. All in one place, that’s easy to analyze!

Foster Ongoing Enhancements

Seamlessly integrate data from various stakeholders and establish unified demand plans through enhanced collaboration between departments. Periodically assess your business performance by comparing it to both the fiscal year budget and the previous year’s results. Leverage your budget wisely with our Dashboard’s feature, effortlessly comparing actuals to your annual budget for insightful financial improvements.

Enhance Performance with Sales Forecast KPIs

Experience a new level of forecast accuracy management with Demand Planning. The module empowers you to effortlessly assess the precision of our models against your historical data for every SKU. Tailor your forecasts by adjusting baselines or importing external forecasts, which is meticulously track against our own Intuiflow baseline. Our automated calculations provide forecast accuracy, absolute error, and bias, all tailored to your lead time. As a unique advantage, errors are also financially quantified, directing your focus towards the critical aspects that truly impact your business.

Demand Planning Features