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North America

North America

Created in 2009, AGILEA is a fast growing consulting and education team, devoted to help its customers through their Supply Chain and Industrial Optimizations projects.  Our customers recognize us as a customer oriented, pragmatic, innovative and agile partner that meets its commitments and focus on delivering results. Our team is composed of sector experts with a strong operations background and a broad skill set in Supply Chain Management (CPIM, CIRM, CSCP), Lean Six Sigma (BB, GB), Change Management (Process Com.) and Quality. Agilea is growing a DDMRP expertise with a core team of CDDPs and certified DDI instructors to coach its customers on their Demand Driven journey.

Contraints Management Group CMG Logo | Demand Driven Technologies Partner
Constraints Management Group, LLC (US)
North America

Variability and volatility are on the rise. Global sourcing and demand, shortened product life cycles and customer tolerance time, new materials, highly customized products and leaner inventories make today’s manufacturing enterprises more susceptible to major disruptions throughout operations. Conventional approaches such as MRP, Six-Sigma and Lean are falling short in the face of this mounting challenge. We offer today’s manufacturing enterprises a proven set of solutions to effectively manage VARIABILITY and VOLATILITY, tap into hidden potential, and create the VISIBILITY and VELOCITY required to compete and thrive in today’s global manufacturing landscape.

South America

South America

SYNKRON® is an advanced technology company, specializing in accelerating business growth by guiding companies toward  theirs Digital Transformation, preparing them for the Industry, and building the pillars  for the Adaptive Enterprise. We are strategically located in the Americas to serve the global needs of our customers.  We represent the next generation of material synchronization products throughout the supply chain, with a portfolio of solutions under the Demand Driven MRP, Demand Driven Operating Model and Demand Driven S&OP models.
Our focus is support to our clients in theirs journey to synchronize and accelerate the growth and profitability of their businesses, and the adaptability to new environments, through Demand Driven and Adaptive advanced technology solutions.

SYNKRON is strategically located its headquarters board in United States with operational offices along latin America in Colombia, Ecuador, México, Brasil and Perú.

Flowing Consultoría
South America

Flowing Consultoría is a Colombian consulting company in operations management for manufacturing and service enterprises. We use the most advanced methodologies and technics available in the world in order to support our clients to reach Operational Excellency and World Class standards. The basic principle of our work is that our clients are able to manage their companies under the First law of operations: High speed of flow of materials and information.


ABM Cloud

ABM Cloud is an innovation company, which specializes in the development and implementation of cloud software solutions for improving business performance. There are more than 100 clients in the company’s portfolio. We focus on building the supply chain eco system, where independent solutions for automation: stock management (production, distribution, retail), transport management, store and pharmacy management, warehouse management, cash flow management, and mobile analytics all ally together to deliver more value.

Our main goal is to increase the assets and manageability of our customer’s business by delivering software cloud solutions and advanced education to growth real Demand Driven Supply Chain professionals.

Aexein Partners

Aexein Partners is an Italian-based business advisory company with focus on operational strategy, performance improvement and digital transformation in the Finance and Supply Chain areas.

Our experienced team, combining advisory, industrial and business services background, posses a strong experience in the Consumer Goods and Retail industries where we assist our client in identifying issues and build “quick win” solutions to both respond to the business needs and optimize the operational backbone for later stages of improvement.
We believe in the value of innovation and encourage our clients in adopting new ideas and non traditional models, while investing in a cross-functional digital culture and best in class technologies to enhance continuous improvement, long term competitiveness and sustainable bottom line results.


For more than 15 years, Axsens is supporting industrials & distribution companies to address their industrial challenges, increase their productivity & innovate. 

We conduct projects with more than 300 clients, in diversified sectors. Our objective is to transfer our expertise through various services: Consulting, Training, Coaching, Interim Management & Innovation. Our team gathers 10 nationalities across 4 offices to support you worldwide in your language & culture. We develop a long term trust relationship with our clients, over time: we are inspired and driven by four Business Values : Teamwork, Integrity, Respect & Synergy.

Catena Strategies

Catena Strategies, a leading international management consulting firm, offers services that drive measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations: manufacturing, supply chain, and project management. We offer strategic and tactical expert advisory as well as on-site consulting and implementation services, supporting all facets of operations and supply chain management. Our services drive measurable improvements in your operations: improved return on capital, higher profitability, a stronger competitive position and growth, better service levels, shorter lead times and time to market and higher productivity at lower cost. With our team of experienced consultants, we look beyond the surface of the situation to deliver solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs and situation and that address the core problems instead of the symptoms. We work with your experts on a solution that you own, assuring successful change and transition management, as well as sustainability of results. Our approach is deeply rooted in modern, innovative but proven management philosophies and technology such as the Theory of Constraints, Demand Driven MRP, Critical Chain and Visual Project Management. By focusing on the key leverage points in your environment, it is possible to delivery dramatic performance improvements quickly, typically within weeks. That’s why we call it: Performance. Delivered. Now. Catena Strategies is also the regional affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute for the Nordics, Baltics and Poland.

CMG Consultores

CMG Consultores implements since 1998 management systems that aim to meet the deadlines agreed with the client in multi-project environments as well as in industrial production and distribution environments. We are the European leaders in the implementation of the “Critical Chain” management methodology and pioneers in the implementation of Demand Driven MRP methodology in industrial production environments.

Flow Centric Logo

We consult in flow-centric solutions to improve flow in companies. We utilize the techniques developed by the demand driven institute together with in-house developed solutions based on TLS (TOC, LEAN and 6-Sigma). We have more then 25 years’ experience in improving company performance and have done projects worldwide. We focus primarily on the Benelux market and operate both in English and Dutch language.

Optim Ressources

Optim ressources, a consulting firm since 1986, accompanies the transformation of organizations in France and abroad to develop operational and managerial excellence by focusing on people and sharing the value created in a responsible manner. Our team of 18 experienced consultants works in all types of industrial and distribution companies. During our interventions in Operational Excellence, in general, we rely on innovative or proven methodologies, such as Theory of Constraints, Lean Six Sigma approaches, and Continuous Improvement tools. For more specific Supply Chain missions, our customers entrust us with the transformation of their organization, the improvement of their physical flow (warehouse or industrial) or the improvement of their flow management via DDMRP.

Profitia Logo

Profitia is a leading Polish consultancy, specialized in supporting processes that provide outstanding results for companies. Profitia combines strategic consulting experience with focus on operational efficiency and reducing supply chain costs. For nearly 10 years, a team of experienced specialists in supply chain have successfully implemented projects using the knowledge and experience gained through cooperation with leading Polish and international companies. Profitia is a Partner of The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply for CEE.


The leading Demand-Driven MRP authority in the PwC network, PwC Italy supports manufacturers and distributors across a number of industries, including Automotive, Industrial Products, Chemicals, Retail, Consumer, Transportation & Logistics, Telco, Media, Technology, and more, with local knowledge and skills as well as access to a broad range of professionals throughout the PwC global network of firm. PwC knows that success today isn’t about adopting the latest software—it’s about understanding business challenges and leveraging technology to enable sustainable change to drive results.


SpinPart is a strategic and operational consulting firm that puts its convictions and energy to the service of its clients’ transformation. Created in 2001, the firm is composed of 110 consultants, 40 of whom are specialized in Manufacturing and Supply Chain issues. SpinPart intervenes in particular in all Industrial and Distribution sectors on international projects aiming at ensuring a sustainable and efficient transformation of Operations. SpinPart’s Operations team has developed expertise around 4 fundamentals: Lean Management 4.0, Empowering Organizations, Change 4 IT, Agile Supply Chain. DDMRP brings together all its ingredients, hence the creation of the DDMRP@SpinPart competence centre, which is supported by a team of DDPP or DDLP certified operations professionals.

Tavola Disegno Logo

Qantica provides consulting services for the optimization of supply chain processes based on APICS best practices and SAP/ERP management solutions. Combining the most advanced supply chain organizational skills (APICS with wide skillset in Supply Chain Management – CPIM, CIRM, CSCP) and those of the main ERPs, our client is sure that the defined projects can be implemented and effectively implemented. We are Demand Driven Affiliates and we provide official DDI training courses for the Italian market with Demand Driven Planner Professional Instructor. We support Production Managers and Supply Chain Managers in identifying the most suitable systems to determine what, when and how much to produce or purchase in relation to a series of variables that characterize the different company contexts, also with innovative solutions such as the DDMRP.

Visie Partners

Visie Partners is your partner for improving your supply chain performance. We closely work with our customers, to evaluate supply chain goals, analyze supply chain performance and help with selecting the right improvement approach, with an expertise in the SCOR-P model.
We have over 20 years of experience in supply chain education (APICS) and implementing process improvements, in a wide variety of industries.
For Demand Driven MRP we deliver the training Demand Driven Planner (DDP) and Demand Driven Leader (DDL). We also deliver Demand Driven awareness sessions.
We support organizations to implement Demand Driven MRP solutions from initial orientation until the after implementation support. We have technical expertise to get your Demand Driven Software solutions up and running. We offer our services in the northern half of Europe, including the Baltics. Visie Partners is an affiliate of Demand Driven Institute.


Data Develop Logo
DataDevelop Consulting Ltd.

DataDevelop Consulting Ltd. is a result-oriented management consulting firm, specializes in providing Demand-Driven Supply Chain and Logistic improvement projects by Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean, Six Sigma TLS synergy, SCOR modeling best practices with Change Management and Customer Experience uplifting services. Over the last 25 years, we have successfully established many improvement projects through TOC, Lean, Six Sigma, SCOR and ERP implementations for practical bottom-line improvement in different industries. We are committed to helping our customer to succeed by increasing cash flow velocity and by maximizing profitability without real risks.

SCELTIC Solutions

SCELTIC Solutions (Supply Chain Engineering, Logistics /Transportation & Industrial Consulting Solutions) is a Specialized Consulting Firm that provide Integrated Value Driven Solutions to the Middle East Area.

Partnering with Innovative Thinks Tanks, Leading Industry-Recognized Councils & Global Solutions Providers, SCELTIC Scope is to Import & Bridge Emerging Practices & Technologies to its Clients in the Region.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for over 50 years. TCS offers a consulting-led, cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions. This is delivered through its unique Location Independent Agile delivery model, recognized as a benchmark of excellence in software development.


Based in Seoul, Korea, TOC VISION is a high-performance process improvement consulting company that delivers rapid and on-going growth of the enterprise by elevating the performance of constraints within the client system.Our executive team has over 20 years of process improvement consulting and ERP implementation experience.TOC VISION services maximize client profitability through the implementation of Demand Driven solutions which increase work and cash flow velocity without real risks.


Yagna is a professional ‘cooperative’ of consulting entrepreneurs who have passion and expertise in executing CHANGE with a skin-in-the-game approach. We believe, as well as have experienced, that sense of urgency coupled with focus derived from logical thinking leads to effective and efficient actions.


Demand Driven Africa Logo
Demand Driven Africa

Demand Driven Africa (a division of PSQ CC) is a supply chain specialist enterprise that provides DDMRP training, consultation and implementation using Demand Driven Technologies software product Replenishment+®. With successful implementations already completed, and a growing number of supply chain personnel trained by us, Demand Driven Africa are leaders in the field. We can offer:

  • DDMRP Consulting
  • DDMRP Training
  • DDMRP Implementation
  • Other Supply Chain Training & Consultation
DDMRP Consulting

DDMRP is a Moroccan supply chain management consulting firm committed to bring value to our clients through increasing cash-flow, velocity and maximizing ROI. With experienced and versatile teams, DDMRP are industry-leaders who provide DDMRP training, consultation and implementation using Demand Driven Technologies Materials Planning software, Replenishment+.

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