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Scheduling & Execution

Don’t Let Uncertainty Slow You Down

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to damage your business. Increase productivity and improve stability using real-time market data to drive priorities and adapt to new threats and opportunities. User-friendly modeling, scheduling, and execution capabilities help you assess potential changes and make the best use of your resources.

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Intuiflow Scheduling & Execution - What for?

The Scheduling & Execution module in Intuiflow improves due date performance on production orders through market driven prioritisation

This module is focused on creating a level-loaded schedule at the critical control points to drive all other resource schedules. These control points provide visible, real-time signals that drive action and provide relevant information to the business. 

Working in synergy with Intuiflow Materials Planning to create a Demand Driven Operating Model, it aligns materials and production to true market demand maximizing customer service and throughput performance. 

Demand Driven Manufacturing

Execute to Market Demand

Optimizing production schedules is about understanding priorities and aligning resources accordingly. Intuiflow enables end-to-end visibility from market demand to production schedules ensuring clear prioritization of what’s most important. Pace your resources to customer needs, improve due date performance, and quickly adapt to changing requirements. Avoid bottlenecks and get the insights you need to facilitate continuous improvement.


Finite Capacity Scheduling

Increase Productivity

Easily manage and prioritize work orders with our constraint-based production scheduling engine. Identify constraints through deep insights into the load against all production resources. Make the best use of your resources with user-friendly load graphs that show how your capacity lines up with planned usage — and where adjustments need to be made.

Resource Modeling

Model and Synchronize Resources

Evaluate production capacity and constraints to align work order schedules and promise dates with available capacity. Prioritize work order schedules based on desired inventory levels of your materials.

Shop Floor Execution

Boost Visibility

Get complete visibility into work orders on the shop floor with easy-to-use scheduling boards. Precisely track and time all materials and quickly report production with a streamlined transaction entry functionality that keeps employees focused on their real jobs, not data entry.
Promise Dates

Improve Operational Stability

Use our scheduling engine to provide your materials planning team with accurate, capacity-tested promise dates. Gain insight into backlogs and adjust operations accordingly.