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Simulate Your Material Flow

Just how does Intuiflow improve material flow? Sign up for our interactive Flow Simulation game, where you’ll play a version of the classic supply chain “beer game” to understand how the Demand Driven methods behind Intuiflow can increase visibility, boost agility, and promote the smooth flow of materials throughout a supply chain.

How it Works

During this 4-hour virtual course, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the Demand Driven methodology that powers Intuiflow, and you’ll participate in two simulations: one based on MRP II and the other on Demand Driven methods. During both simulations, you’ll assume the role of Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, or Retailer. You’ll execute your responsibilities — managing inventory, shipping orders to customers, and sending and receiving orders to your suppliers — to learn how Demand Driven methods compare to MRP II.


  • Game session MRP II simulation (1h)
  • Introduction to DDMRP (1h30min)
  • Game session DDMRP simulation (40min)
  • Feedback and conclusion (30min)

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn why MRP II tends to trigger the Bullwhip Effect — and how Demand Driven methods can help you avoid it. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of Demand Driven principles, including buffer positioning, sizing, and dynamic buffer adjustments, and the Net Flow Equation. And you’ll learn how to use those principles to strategically position inventory, increase visibility, and improve materials flow across the supply chain.

What it Costs

The registration fee for the Flow Simulation Game is $200 USD per participant. Do you have other team members who would like to participate in the game? Let us know! We will set up a custom session for your team. 

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