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Integrated Business Planning for a Demand Driven World

You can’t always see the future. But you can empower your business to adapt to volatile environments. Intuiflow connects your strategy to your operations bi-directionally to sense, adapt and innovate quickly to market changes.

By pacing your operations to actual market consumption, it gives you the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes – delivering higher service levels, lower lead times, and increased agility.

Materials Planning

Align Supply to Market Demand

Forget the crystal ball, ditch the spreadsheets, and use actual sales order data to ensure smooth materials flow. How? By leveraging AI/ML and
Demand Driven planning principles to quickly identify and replenish strategic inventory positions — so your business always has what it needs to exceed customer expectations.

Scheduling & Execution

Boost Visibility Across Your Supply Chain

You can’t manage what you don’t see. If you want to improve performance, you’ve got to improve visibility — using real-time data to drive priorities and controlling all futures with user-friendly modeling, scheduling, and execution capabilities.
Sales & Operations Planning

Go From Data to Decisions

Build agility into your business to get ahead of market changes. Power that agility with a single, powerful source for insights into shifting market dynamics, financial and material constraints, and all the other moving parts.

Demand Planning​

Fast & Simple Sales Forecasting

Generate better forecasts with Intuiflow’s Demand Planning application to support your S&OP and fine-tune your Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM). With its user-friendly platform, foster collaboration across departments to better capture, assess, and plan demand.