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Powering Your Intuitive Supply Chain

The Intuiflow platform leverages AI/ML and Demand Driven methods to help your business adapt to ever changing market conditions. With end-to-end supply chain planning, management, and execution capabilities, it’s a powerful, intuitive suite for optimizing complex global operations.

Here’s what sets Intuiflow apart.


Agility At Scale

Drive results across your supply chain by leveraging AI/ML to analyze demand trends and variation patterns to deliver faster and more actionable insights about new threats and opportunities. These advanced techniques will help you achieve more dynamic operating model with improved material planning and more agile production and scheduling capabilities.
SOC2 Compliance

State-of-the-Art Security

An agile supply chain is a major competitive advantage and keeping your data secure is critical. That’s why we are certified SOC2 compliant. We monitor our networks for threats, maintain detailed audit trails, and take swift action whenever we detect potentially malicious activity.

Real Time Visibility

The data you need at your fingertips. Intuiflow’s API enables a seamless integration with your company’s ERP system along with your partners’ software, bringing all the information you need in one platform.  

Robust ERP Integrations

Our platform integrates seamlessly with all ERPs, including:


Fast Time to Value

Break the consulting cycle with a software implementation that uses AI/ML to analyze your business environment, simulate different scenarios, and recommend the most effective parameters. Drive results in days, not weeks — and continue refining your environment with adaptive analysis and insights. Read more about our six-step implementation process.

PowerBI Embedded

Advanced Analytics

Your company and your supply chain are unique; and so is the information you need. PowerBI embedded allows you to remain competitive in a world full of uncertainties by providing you the information you need both for your day-to-day and your most strategic decisions.

User Experience

Intuitive Workflow

Modern supply chains are complex. Running them doesn’t have to be. Intuiflow makes managing operations more intuitive by delivering actionable insights about resources, inventory, opportunities, and risks. Spend less time manipulating data and more time making natural, intuitive decisions about what matters most to your business.