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Embedded Business Intelligence

Real-time analyses with PowerBI © technology

Your company and your supply chain are unique

Through hundreds of experiences with our customers, we know each company has its own supply chain management processes. Whether it is due to increasingly complex flows, business specificities, constraints linked to volatile markets, or production capacities that must evolve. Generally speaking, you must maintain and develop your competitiveness in a world full of uncertainties, and you must have rich supports to ensure you rely on the most relevant information in the context of your decisions, both on a day-to-day basis and in support of your most strategic choices.

Process Analysis and Decision Making

At Demand Driven Technologies, we understand this. This is why we have enhanced our Intuiflow offer with even more powerful capabilities, through the implementation of business intelligence functionalities that will allow you to go further in terms of decision support and relevant analyses.

  • These reports are designed to allow a filtering according to adapted criteria: Product families, sites, manager codes, user fields, and flows.
  • They allow on the one hand an aggregated reading, and on the other hand an exploration by exception
  • They integrate several units of measurement (impact quantities, values, hours, pallets, etc.)
  • They evolve permanently according to the users’ feedback, and can be customized

By relying on the functionalities offered by the PowerBI © technology, you can now offer your planners and your management a set of real-time analyses that will ensure they make the best choices. Whether it’s on a daily basis to facilitate planning arbitrations, to monitor your production operations in greater detail, or to go even further in the analysis of your activity and support your most strategic decisions.

Advanced Features to Improve your Current Model

A set of available reports will allow you to use these advanced features to improve your current model: target vs. current inventory, lead times, past orders, status of sales order alerts, forecast vs. history... And, if necessary, our business and technical teams can work with you to develop business-specific analytics to provide you with even more relevant information to manage your supply chain.

No need to do it yourself or to call on your IT services, and no need to install additional tools.

Simplified Historical Analysis

The analysis and visualization applied to historical data will help you answer questions like: 

  • Are planning priorities being addressed?
  • Is stock quality improving?
  • Are shortages decreasing?
  • Are excesses decreasing?
  • How do actual vs. target inventory turns compare?
  • How is the qualified demand evolving (are delays decreasing?)

Detailed Historical Analysis

An in-depth view will help you identify what items cause the most shortages or overstock, and what are the probable root causes.

Make the right decisions for the future of your company by enriching your S&OP

By integrating your forecast scenarios, it becomes possible to see the result on expenses and stock evolutions with:

  • Demand / Supply by period and family
  • Capacity constrained / unconstrained
  • Inventory and lead time projection
  • Load / capacity by means and group of means
  • Risk of shortages

An offer that allows you to go even further

Whether you want to help your planning operations make even more informed decisions on a daily basis, get even more out of your industrial capacities, or identify your areas for improvement, you will have access to an unparalleled wealth of analysis: 

  • Use cases and bills of material 
  • Planning priorities and execution alerts on the tree structure 
  • Stock positioning assistance

Ensure that your execution and scheduling are optimized

Make the most our your resources and secure better control over scheduling with  Gantt views, process mining, time buffer history, actual throughput of constrained resources, and more.