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Sales and Operations Planning

Faster Alignment, Better Performance

Be proactive about top priorities with a single source for insights into shifting market dynamics, production and material constraints, and key supplier requirements. Align your inventory and resource utilization more closely to market demand and build agility into your business — while streamlining collaboration and minimizing misalignment.

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Intuiflow S&OP - What for?

The Sales & Operations module in Intuiflow enables planning on a medium to long term horizon by utilising existing operational settings to generate forward looking simulations of buffer activity. 

It is designed to identify gaps in the existing operating model. This is accomplished by using a forecast as an input for the S&OP tool and then assessing where the operating model may be challenged in fulfilling market demand. 

The S&OP tool also provides a variety of reports and alerts that assist in identifying exceptions that may arise in the future. Based on the visibility S&OP provides in these exceptions and gaps, you have the ability to take proactive measures to ensure your operating model is optimally set up to match market conditions. 

Intuiflow projected buffer trend
Demand Driven S&OP

A Fresh Approach to Sales & Operations Planning

Take the pain out of S&OP by using forecasts not to generate commitments but to assess your ability to adapt to change. Leveraging real-time demand data and a range of future projections, Intuiflow helps you evaluate potential scenarios and intelligently adjust the operations that are most at risk. Leave the flawed demand signals and dependencies behind to simplify your workflow while improving operational stability.
Supply Planning

Control the Chaos

Take control of complex production networks with real-time visibility into product demand — and how your current and planned resources should flex to manage change. Reduce stock-outs, accelerate materials flow, and respond quickly to changing market requirements. Be proactive about gaps and seamlessly integrate plans with other operational processes to align around the best way forward.
Intuiflow s&op projected supply
Intuiflow projected inventory
Inventory Planning

Optimize Inventory

Maximize performance with intelligent recommendations that combine your forecasts with real-time demand data and a comprehensive view of your network. Predict potential stockouts and understand the time it will take to achieve specific inventory goals.
Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Refine Production Plans

Validate master schedules and refine production plans with a detailed understanding of all required and available resources. Reduce waste, increase alignment, and set clear expectations throughout the organization.
Event Management

Be Prepared for Every “If, Then”

Don’t commit resources to the forecast before demand is clear. Instead, easily understand the impact that adjustments and upcoming events will have on both supply and inventory with intuitive range-based modeling. Increase stability and reduce inventory distortions caused by demand smoothing and category-level planning.