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Materials Planning Software

Supply And Demand, Now In Lockstep

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Companies have invested billions in ERP systems — yet inventory turnover rates have been stagnant for more than two decades. Intuiflow helps manufacturers optimize material flow by aligning replenishment not to forecasts but to actual market consumption. Drive results with actionable recommendations that leverage AI/ML, Demand Driven planning principles, and real-time sales order data to identify strategic inventory positions and enhance service levels.

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Intuiflow Materials Planning - What for?

The Materials Planning module is the materials and inventory management tool in the Intuiflow Suite. It is designed to facilitate a demand pull inventory system consistent with the DDMRP methodology

It is a revolutionary approach to analysing the bill of materials, decoupling explosion between strategic stock points, and then providing visibility and management to strategic non-stocked parts through the use of color. 


Simplify Demand Driven Planning

Aligning your inventory to market demand can be a challenge in a world filled with volatility, variation, and noise. Too often forecast driven planning results in overspending on inventory while underdelivering to customers. Intuiflow fuses proven Demand Driven planning methods with AI/ML to identify patterns in demand more quickly, accurately, and reliably than ever before. Inventory buffers give a fast, visual overview of which materials are in demand, while intuitive recommendations ensure smooth material flow without relying on complex algorithms or spreadsheets.

Decoupled Lead Times

Become More Responsive

DDMRP enables companies to become more agile and responsive to their markets. AI/ML tools assist in identifying opportunities for strategic buffer positions which compress planning horizons while reducing required inventory levels. As well, strategic buffering dampens variation and mitigates the dreaded ‘Bullwhip Effect’ of conventional planning techniques.

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Order Management

Optimize Daily Orders

Quickly prioritize and act on daily orders with intuitive recommendations that ensure the smooth flow of materials throughout your supply chain. Automatically incorporate any order constraints associated with a part and reduce your risk of shortages.
Distribution Planning

Put Everything in the Right Place

Make sure the right materials are at the right facilities with real-time visibility into inventory levels at all points within your supply network. Identify the correct quantity of inventory at every warehouse and distribution center and use prioritized share logic to deploy items from an upstream location based on the positioning of downstream inventory.

Intuiflow distribution module
Lifecycle Management

Intelligently Handle Exceptions

Whether it’s a new item with no demand history, a replacement part, or a part that will soon be retired, plan for the entire lifecycle of your materials. Automatically link related parts together and specify start and end dates for comprehensive lifecycle management.