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Effective Change Requires Knowledge

You don’t need to master complex algorithms to manage your supply chain. But understanding a few key concepts will help you accelerate results and boost organizational alignment. Demand Driven Technologies has supported thousands of business leaders during large-scale operational transformations, and we’re excited to facilitate your path to a more responsive, reliable enterprise.

DDMRP: The Methodology That Powers Intuiflow

DDMRP is an advanced planning methodology that promotes the smooth flow of materials through complex global supply chains. It’s the secret sauce behind Intuiflow, powering sustainable results across a broad range of companies and industries.

Simulate Your Material Flow

What can Intuiflow do for your supply chain? Find out with our interactive Flow Simulation game, where you’ll discover how Intuiflow helps you strategically position inventory, increase visibility, and improve material flow across your supply chain. Learn more about the methodology that powers Intuiflow and compare results with MRP II.

Demand Driven Institute Courses

Demand Driven Technologies is a global leader in Demand Driven education. We are an affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute, and we are certified to teach the powerful suite of courses they designed to help companies build and sustain results with Demand Driven methods.