Does Demand Driven Planning live up to the hype?

See what YOUR results would look like in a Demand Driven environment.

Seeing is believing. Request your free-no obligation simulation today, and we will show you what your service levels, inventory turns and supply orders would look like with Intuiflow.

How does it work?


Historical Demand

Companies typically provide 1 year of historical demand from a part, set of parts, or a specific plant. We do not ask for confidential information. However, if you require an NDA, we are happy to provide it.



Our team runs your data through our simulation tool.



We get you the results in under 72 hours and one of our experts walks you through the analysis during a call.

The simulation will show what your service levels, supply orders, on-hand inventory and annual turns would have been had you used Intuiflow.
The bottom chart represents the actual daily demand. The top chart represents how the buffers would have sized themselves in response to that demand and what the on-hand inventory would be at the end of each day (black line).

Test Scenarios

Want to know what would happen if there is a lead time or MoQ change? Experiment different scenarios with our team!

What data do we require?

Master Information

The Master Information tab asks for item master data such as Part number, Lead time, MoQ, and On hand Inventory.

Demand History

The Demand History tab asks for the details of your company’s daily demand.

Ready to see what Intuiflow can do for YOUR business?