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Intuiflow x SKU Science | The Alliance of Simplicity

By Stephane Leclercq
Picture showing how Intuiflow and SKU Science 'fit' together

Today we announce the partnership between Demand Driven Technologies, specialists in DDMRP, and SKU Science, specialists in demand planning.

What are the benefits of this collaboration for supply chain professionals?

With the need for speed, agility, and resilience, the supply chain has become the beating heart of modern businesses, playing a crucial role in determining their competitiveness and success in the marketplace. Numerous tools exist to address each of the supply chain’s problems, but it’s common to hear users complain about the complexity and lack of ergonomics of the tools they use.

When, in 2018, we founded SKU Science, we were driven by a simple and original idea: to enable professionals to try out a demand forecasting platform for free, anywhere in the world, autonomously and without needing to interact with us. So, in 2019, we brought to market the first intuitive and very easy-to-use cloud forecasting platform. While this is easy to say, it’s relatively complicated to achieve, as it requires the automation of many complex calculations to display optimized forecasts very quickly. Unlike many other platforms, we update the choice of forecasting model with each cycle. However, the most complex part (and inherent to all supply chain
projects) will remain the automation of the cleaning and formatting of sales history data in order to exploit it on the platform.

Most supply chain professionals are not data scientists who can select the best statistical models or master the intricacies of machine learning models – we believe that the forecasting process should be made as simple and intuitive as possible. The underlying complexity is hidden behind an easy-to-access user interface. This allows our users to focus on their core business: collaborating to capture relevant information from the markets.

With intuitive aggregation and disaggregation features, and the ability to manipulate forecasts in multiple units of measure, our users collaborate with company stakeholders at the level required for S&OP Demand Reviews.

From 2020 onwards, we have developed performance measures and a summary dashboard to identify immediately which items need to be prioritized, to encourage forecasters to work by exception, and focus on the added value provided by the forecasting process.

In 2022, now that our platform has proven its robustness with our customers and internationally, we developed APIs to connect SKU Science to other platforms and automate data exchanges.

The simplicity of operation and implementation, intuitive user interface, interoperability of digital platforms, cross-functional visibility, and a shared passion for enabling our customers to rapidly achieve tangible results: it was only natural that we should meet the Demand Driven Technologies team.

On the SKU Science side, we were effectively managing demand planning, but we felt the need to feed into supply planning tools to be able to offer a complementary solution to our customers.

For Intuiflow, the addition of a demand planning function was becoming necessary to facilitate the continuous adaptation of the supply chain and to simplify the S&OP process.

Driven by the same passion for innovation and ease of use, we have always strived to remain among the best in our category. It was with this in mind that our collaboration came naturally. After a few months of hard work, we integrated SKU Science with Intuiflow to equip the solution with a new demand planning module. With this partnership, Intuiflow is now able to satisfy all supply chain planning needs: S&OP, demand planning, material planning, scheduling & execution.

This new version of Intuiflow is now available and is already proving popular with our customers. To benefit from it, simply activate the new demand planning module in Intuiflow to obtain forecasts directly for selected items in the database. In the coming months, we will be adding further innovative functionalities resulting from this collaboration with our customers.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Demand Driven Technologies team or register for the demo webinar.

Stephane Leclercq – CEO of SKU Science

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