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Announcing the launch of Intuiflow’s integration with Nextworld’s ERP

By Kevin Allen
Intuiflow integration with Nextworld erp

Atlanta, GA – Today, Nextworld® and Demand Driven Technologies, a leading provider of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), announced the launch of their integrated solutions. 

The integration between Nextworld ERP and Intuiflow by Demand Driven Technologies brings together the latest functional and technical innovations in a seamless experience for manufacturing companies to manage their supply chains. The Intuiflow integration is API-based; it allows customers to configure the Intuiflow system as needed right from Nextworld’s Enterprise Resource Platform. 

Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies, commented, “So many companies today are running ERP code that was developed several decades ago, and therefore, face age-old impediments to innovation. Nextworld is the only cloud-based company to be truly innovating in this space from the ground up.” Erik continues, “Nextworld delivers best-in-class applications built on a no-code platform. This allows their users to customize without penalty, adopt latest advances in technology, and as a result, gain true business agility.” 

Ten years ago, Demand Driven Technologies launched the world’s first demand driven supply chain solution, a game-changing methodology that promotes the smooth flow of materials through even the most complex global supply chains. 

“Business agility is paramount in today’s supply chain environments,” says Mark Goode, President of Nextworld. “Demand Driven Technologies brings an unprecedented level of agility to DDMRP solutions. Our shared commitment is to bring next-generation, integrated MRP solutions to our manufacturing customers.” 

About Nextworld
Nextworld is the only company that offers a modern ERP built on an enterprise, no-code platform. Nextworld delivers the agility, speed, and intelligence required to modernize business processes and gain value from your application investment – from the edge to the core of your operations. With Nextworld, businesses can focus resources on innovative opportunities that further their mission both now and into the future. Nextworld keeps its customers ahead of what’s next®. 

About Demand Driven Technologies
Demand Driven Technologies provides Intuiflow, a powerful IBP suite that leverages disruptive demand driven methods and AI/ML to bring agility and resiliency to supply chains. With end-to-end supply chain planning, management, and execution capabilities, it’s an intuitive suite for optimizing complex global operations. From strategy to the shop floor. The company was formed in 2011 with the singular focus of enabling manufacturing and distribution clients to achieve breakthrough performance through the application of demand driven tactics and technologies.  As the market leader, it is the company’s vision to make enterprise-class Demand Driven Supply Chain planning easy and accessible to all.  More than 130 enterprises across six continents rely on Demand Driven Technologies as their trusted partner in continuous supply chain improvement and competitive advantage. 

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