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Demand Driven Tech Releases New Supply Chain Integration with Oracle Netsuite

By Kevin Allen
Intuiflow for NetSuite

Native NetSuite DDMRP compliant solution provides unprecedented visibility into supply chain execution and improves inventory management

ATLANTA, GA July 11, 2018 – Demand Driven Technologies (DD Tech), the leading provider of Demand Driven MRP compliant supply chain solutions, today released a series of new innovations for their Replenishment+® NetSuite (R+NS) supply chain solution.  Natively-built for Oracle NetSuite, the innovations enable manufacturers and distributors to have unprecedented visibility into supply chain execution and improvement in inventory management.

“These new innovations bring powerful Demand Driven MRP principles to our native NetSuite solution, making supply chain planning and execution easier and more efficient,” said Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies. “At the recent SuiteWorld18 conference, DD Tech customers confirmed we are enabling global manufacturers to align inventory to true market demand and significantly compress lead times.”

The new innovations for Replenishment+ NetSuite 2.0 include:

  • Advanced Alerts – New alert capabilities provide planners with greater visibility to supply and demand mismatches and improves processing of expedites.
  • Forecasted Daily Usage – Utilize forward-looking daily usage for product launches, sunsets and seasonality to accurately determine appropriate reorder points.
  • Material Availability Check –Ensure all components are available before the release and execution of work orders saving time, reducing expense and increasing visibility for planners.
  • Item Synchronization – Native integration to the NetSuite item master eliminates synchronization issues and keeps all item level data in one consolidated location.
  • Enhanced Bill of Materials View – Provides planners with greater visibility to complex Bill of Materials by identifying that the on-hand quantity of required components are available and lead times are decoupled.

Demand Driven Technologies will host a webinar at 1:00 pm EDT on July 25th, 2018 to highlight the new features of version 2 of Replenishment+ NS, provide a product demonstration and review a case study of Innovive’s implementation. Emmanuel Ferton, Vice President of Operations at Innovive, a global provider in the life sciences industry, will highlight Innovive’s results and implementation experience with R+NS. To register for the live webinar, click here.

About Demand Driven Technologies
Demand Driven Technologies provides Replenishment+® the first and most widely deployed DDMRP compliant supply chain software solution.  The company was formed in 2011 with the singular focus of enabling manufacturing and distribution clients to achieve breakthrough performance through the application of Demand Driven tactics and technologies.  As the DDMRP market leader, it is the company’s vision to make enterprise-class Demand Driven Supply Chain planning easy and accessible to all.  More than 80 enterprises across six continents rely on Demand Driven Tech as their trusted partner in continuous supply chain improvement and competitive advantage.  For more information:

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