Where does your ERP fall short?


Where does your ERP fall short?

As customer demands are on the rise, product proliferation has increased, resulting in complex supply chains. Companies are eager to find a solution that does it all, with the assumption that one tool will make their lives easier. In reality, they are often expensive to implement and don’t meet customer demands.Demand Driven MRP is built for the complex supply chain to simplify planning, providing planners the ability to focus on what truly matters. While every supply chain is different in their processes and objectives, this end to end methodology takes a new approach to planning and execution to provide greater visibility throughout your entire supply chain.

During the webinar, you will gain an understanding of how DDMRP can eliminate the challenges of planning by aligning replenishment to true market demand resulting in improved service with lower inventory.

Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow

Ten years ago, Demand Driven Technologies launched the world’s first Demand Driven supply chain solutions: Replenishment+, APM, and DBR+. Now, we’re uniting those solutions into a single, powerful solution. Meet Intuiflow.

What’s in a name?

Our solutions are built to make supply chain management intuitive — and help manufacturers ensure the best flow of materials through their supply chains.

What’s changed?

Intuiflow integrates all our solutions into a single, powerful platform — and incorporates AI/ML to identify patterns in demand faster and more accurately than ever before.

What does that mean?

Intuiflow brings you DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP compliance in one suite, powering critical synergies across the business.

Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow