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Empowering supply chain leaders to achieve tangible and sustainable results with advanced, demand–driven supply chain planning solutions.


Demand Driven Technologies provides next-generation materials, inventory, and production control planning and execution applications for global manufacturers and wholesale distributors who need to align inventory to true market demand, compress lead times, improve service levels and increase visibility across the supply chain. Our Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) supply chain software is compatible with any enterprise ERP solution.


Materials Planning

As the first and most widely adopted DDMRP solution, Replenishment+ improves materials planning by shifting from forecast driven to sales order driven planning. With DDMRP methodology, supply chain leaders can strategically position inventory, increase visibility and improve materials flow.

Sales & Operations Planning

Replenishment+ Advanced Planning Module (APM) provides deep insights into ever-changing market dynamics, expected buffer activity, and materials management. Maximize your operations stability and productivity, and reduce the impact of variation in your supply chain.

Scheduling & Execution

DBR+ (Drum Buffer Rope) improves due date performance on production orders through market driven prioritization. DBR+ allows users to easily Model, Schedule and Execute with a real-time, user-friendly web-based format. Additionally, reporting formats easily facilitate continuous improvement activities.

Average Results from Clients That Implement Replenishment+

Increase Service Levels
Lead Time Compression

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What is Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning?

DDMRP is an innovative multi-echelon pull methodology to plan inventories and materials. It enables a company to build more closely to actual market requirements and promotes better and quicker decisions and actions at the planning and execution level. Demand Driven Technologies is an affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute. To learn more about the DDI click here.

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