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Auto Pilot

Calculate safety stock settings and optimize inventory quickly and easily with Intuiflow’s newest Auto Pilot feature

Scheduling & Execution

This module is focused on creating a level-loaded schedule at the critical control points to drive all other resource schedules.

Sales and Operations Planning

The Sales & Operations module enables planning on a medium to long term horizon by utilising existing operational settings to generate forward looking simulations of buffer activity.

Intuiflow for NetSuite

Intuiflow for NetSuite is an industry-leading suite of Integrated Business Planning solutions that helps planners get ahead of fast-changing markets.

Materials Planning

A revolutionary approach to analysing the bill of materials, decoupling explosion between strategic stock points, and then providing visibility and management to strategic non-stocked parts through the use of color.

Demand More From Your Supply Chain

Despite the billions of dollars invested in ERP systems over the last 25 years, statistics indicate that inventory turnover rates of manufacturers are the same today as they were two and a half decades ago.

It’s time to challenge the status quo in your supply chain planning.

Empower your business with Intuiflow, a suite of solutions that leverages disruptive Demand Driven Planning Methods and AI/ML to help your business power fast, wide-ranging results, from strategy to the shop floor.

Bringing Agility to the 
World’s Most Complex Supply Chains

The Intuiflow Suite


Get ahead of volatility with fast, actionable recommendations that analyze sales order data to minimize risk and adapt to change.


Leverage AI/ML to identify strategic inventory positions — so your business always has what it needs to exceed customer expectations.


Boost performance and improve visibility with data-driven modeling, scheduling, and execution capabilities.

Simple Sales Forecasting

Generate better forecasts with Intuiflow’s Demand Planning application to support your S&OP.

Results You Can Count On


Bring service levels up to as high as 99%


Compress lead times by up to 80%


Use AI/ML to improve ease of use while optimizing product flow and inventory


Focus on priorities instead of conflicting message


Improve due date performance and stabilize schedules


Reduce working capital requirements

Intuiflow: Effortlessly Connecting Supply And Demand

Embrace change and drive performance with a solution that empowers your business to adapt to changing market conditions. Intuiflow paces your operations to actual market demand — delivering higher service levels, lower lead times, and increased agility across the most complex global supply chains.

What they say about us

Carol Ptak – Co-founder/ The Demand Driven Institute

Barry Katz – Sr. Director of Supply Chain/ Stemcell

Izak Maritz – Planning Manager / Coca-Cola

Steven Wicks – Planning Manager/ Coca-Cola

Jesus Garcia Menendez – Supply Chain Lead Process Engineer/ Michelin

Donald Quao – Planning Manager/ Coca-Cola

Birhan Tesfa – Planning Manager/ Coca-Cola

Craig Jolly – Production Operations Manager/ 9wood

Rogerio Silva – Executive Director Supply Chain, IT, Procurement/ Frulact

Salum Nassor – Planning Manager/ Coca-Cola

Thibaut d’Herouville – VP of Supply Chain/ Michelin

Paolo Bertolotti – CEO/Ivar

Daniele Serlini – Project Manager/ Ivar

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S&OP module named product of the year in 2018