Boost visibility and power fast, agile business performance with Intuiflow, a suite of Integrated Business Planning solutions from industry leader Demand Driven Technologies.

Demand More From Your Supply Chain

Despite the billions of dollars invested in ERP systems over the last 25 years, statistics indicate that inventory turnover rates of manufacturers are the same today as they were two and a half decades ago.

It’s time to challenge the status quo in your supply chain planning.

Empower your business with Intuiflow, a suite of solutions that leverages disruptive Demand Driven Planning Methods and AI/ML to help your business power fast, wide-ranging results, from strategy to the shop floor.

Are You Affected By The Following?

Inaccurate Forecasts

Volatile Demand

Low Service Levels

Stockouts & Overstock

Long Lead Times

Lack of Visibility

Unstable Production Schedules

Delays in Manufacturing

Free Simulation & Exploratory Session with a Consultant

Meet with one of our supply chain experts for a current state review of your operations.
During this session we will dive into your paint points and explore strategies we could implement to help you solve them. We will then provide a simulation under 72 hours to see what your service levels, supply orders and annual turns would look like with our tool if you applied our expert’s recommendations.

What Can Intuiflow Do for Your Business?

Intuiflow will help you connect your strategy to your operations bi-directionally to sense, adapt and innovate quickly to market changes. 

Sales & Operations Planning


Automatically adapt to market changes: Get ahead of volatility with fast, actionable recommendations that analyze sales order data to minimize risk and adapt to change.

Materials Planning


Optimize your material flow: Leverage AI/ML and Demand Driven principles to identify strategic inventory positions — so your business always has what it needs to exceed customer expectations.

Scheduling & Execution


Get end-to-end visibility: You can’t manage what you don’t see. Boost performance and improve visibility with data-driven modeling, scheduling, and execution capabilities.

Bringing Agility to the 
World’s Most Complex Supply Chains

Results You Can Count On


Bring service levels up to as high as 99%


Compress lead times by up to 80%


Use AI/ML to improve ease of use while optimizing product flow and inventory


Focus on priorities instead of conflicting message


Improve due date performance and stabilize schedules


Reduce working capital requirements

Free no obligation simulation

Not ready to explore the software and its features yet? Need proof that Intuiflow will work for YOUR company before diving into it? See what your service levels, supply orders and annual turns would look like.


Intuiflow: Effortlessly Connecting Supply And Demand

Embrace change and drive performance with a solution that empowers your business to adapt to changing market conditions. Intuiflow paces your operations to actual market demand — delivering higher service levels, lower lead times, and increased agility across the most complex global supply chains.

What they say about us

John Dilling

Steven Wicks

Thibault D’Herouville

Barry Katz

Scott Faniola

Kyle Keeney

Christopher Veck

Mark Evans

John Dilling 

Thibaut d’Herouville – VP of Supply Chain/ Michelin

Craig Jolly – Production Operations Manager/ 9wood

Carol Ptak – Co-founder/ The Demand Driven Institute

Salum Nassor – Planning Manager/ Coca-Cola


DDTech listed among the 20 startups to watch in 2020
S&OP module named product of the year in 2018

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