Month: August 2020

Long Live Technology!

Over the decades we have developed more and more technology for our supply chains, invented sophisticated algorithms, interconnected remote sites around the world, traced in real time the slightest event. This debauchery of means, computing power, software and complicated acronyms would tend to make us think that it’s all scientific, mathematical, electronic and fantastic!

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In supply chain management, we’re often asked to make quick, buffer-related decisions with the best information available. We do this in the real world, too.

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Maximize customer service and throughput performance with Replenishment+ Advanced Planning Module (APM) built native for NetSuite to provide insights to ever-changing market dynamics, expected buffer activity and materials management. With Replenishment+ APM you have the ability to create a future supply plan and can effectively monitor and adjust the demand-driven operating model to reduce the … Read more

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