We’re Celebrating Our 10-Year Anniversary

DDMRP was put into the public domain in 2011, when the third edition of Orlicky’s Materials Requirements Planning book was published. It was also in 2011 that Demand Driven Technologies was created. The first versions of the Replenishment+ material requirements planning and DBR+ production planning solutions had been developed in the mid-2000s by the Constraint … Read more

S&OP: Distinguishing Between Tactical and Strategic Horizons

In my career, I must have participated in more than 200 monthly S&OP meetings, at the level of a factory or industrial group management committee. A recurring challenge during these reviews was to get the team to look over the horizon and prepare the company to face its medium/long term challenges in a coordinated and … Read more

Does the Demand Driven methodology apply to my company?

demand driven methodology - team

We are all different… The question is a recurring one. “We manufacture to order, is this relevant to us?” “For the automotive industry, yes, but we are in the aerospace industry, we have many more items!” “We have many constraints, is it compatible?” “It’s for large corporations, isn’t it? We are a SME!” “Okay for … Read more

The Perfect Production Schedule Doesn’t Exist

production schedule - stopwatch

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are on the rise. Technology is moving into our shop floors. LCD touch screens are gradually replacing physical boards and post-its. However, we must recognize that the vast majority of our workshops, however complex, are planned or scheduled in Excel, right? The promise of scheduling algorithms Scheduling solutions have existed for … Read more

Continuous Improvement, Artificial Intelligence, and DDMRP


Decades of Lean and continuous improvement initiatives have profoundly changed the way many companies operate.   We have gone from a traditional organization with a hierarchical structure of leaders who make decisions and implementers who obey, to a network of men and women who each bring their knowledge to improve performance every day a little more.  At … Read more

How to Manage New Product Launches with DDMRP

product launch ddmrp - hands and rocket

Orchestrating the launch of new products is one of the processes you need to define when designing your Demand Driven model. It uses special techniques for several reasons: Since this is a new product, you have no historical demand The uncertainty on the demand profile is greater than for a mature product There can be … Read more

DDOM: How to Identify Flow Profiles

flow profile

Flow Profiles vs Inventory Buffer Profiles For DDMRP inventory management, buffer profiles are defined. A buffer profile groups together articles with similar characteristics – replenishment times, demand variability, supply variability. This will allow to assign identical buffer sizing rules to all these articles (red, yellow, green zones, detection of demand spikes, etc.). When it comes to building a … Read more

Does DDMRP Apply to SMEs?

Agility is in the genes of SMEs  Small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, are an essential component of the industrial and commercial dynamism of the global economy. The first characteristic of successful SMEs is agility: they rely on tight teams, interactions between industrial, technical, and commercial functions are permanent, and the silos are less compartmentalized than in many … Read more

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