Planning under (not too many) Supply Constraints

Gears grinding thru a constraint

This is often the promise of APS systems: to take into account constraints – capacity, material supply, grouping campaigns, and optimizing costs. AUTOMATICALLY! Depending on the capacity and shift pattern of each piece of equipment, depending on the day we should receive that bloody critical missing component, we determine how we will be able to … Read more

Do You Know How to Analyze a Flow?

colored liquids in glass beakers, representing supply chain flow analysis

Even if you don’t know anything about a company or its products, you can understand a lot of things by examining an analytical graph of stock history for an item or family of items — and find ways to improve.

Use Little’s Law and Finish What You Start!

When I was a kid, my parents used to tell me: Finish what you start before you move on! It’s a simple piece of advice that is still relevant today and yet is largely underrated in the industry. The translation into a production environment is simple: When you start working on a production order, bring … Read more