Supply Chain Tetris

supply chain tetris

In Tetris, colored bricks fall from the top of the screen. It’s up to you to orient them as they fall, so they fit into each other. The role of a production planner is very similar.

Demand Driven for the Aerospace Industry

aerospace component machine, delivered on time through demand driven supply chain methods

The aeronautical supply chain was not designed to ensure the fast and reliable flow of goods, but to meet detailed technical, quality, and safety specifications. How can Demand Driven methods help?

How to Reduce Excess and Obsolete Inventory

One of the meeting points for the company’s Finance and Supply Chain teams is the Excess and Obsolete, or “E&O” review. E&O are subject to a financial review at least annually, or quarterly in particular for listed companies. The purpose of this review is to determine the financial reserves to be made in the accounts … Read more

Will Supply Chain Resilience Spell the End of Globalization?

supply chain resilience globalization

Supply chain resilience is an imperative in a VUCA world. The tremors of recent years, from Brexit and Covid to the war in Ukraine, have prompted many companies and governments to realize how fragile supply chains can be. In the western press these last months, there is talk of reshoring, reindustrialization, and shortening our supply … Read more

Understanding Demand-Based Forecasts

demand-based forecasts

To size our stocks and replenish our products, we need to use a demand assumption. In a Demand Driven approach, the supply chain is scheduled based on real consumption, but for consumption to occur, it must have been initiated by available products, supplied based on a demand hypothesis.

Adaptive S&OP

adaptive s&op

The old-fashioned S&OP is a laborious and sequential process. The end of the month has just been closed. We know the sales, after aggregating inputs from all countries. We compare actual sales with forecasts, we generate statistical forecasts for the coming months, and we start the process of collaboration with the different marketing and sales … Read more

Succeeding with a Supply Chain Control Tower

supply chain control tower

The concept of the supply chain control tower has become very popular. But what exactly does it mean? Magic keywords abound in this field: Digitalization, advanced analytics, end-to-end, big data, collaborative, real-time, etc. All this sounds attractive, but what is the reality behind the gimmicks? What is a supply chain control tower and what does … Read more

Accelerate Your Supply Chain Transformation

supply chain transformation

There are a number of reasons executives give when they say they’re not ready to undertake a supply chain transformation. Before we consider implementing Demand Driven, we must: Clean up our ERP system Implement a new version of our ERP system Strengthen our supply chain management basics Implement or strengthen our S&OP / MPS Deploy … Read more