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Supply Chain: Women, Men, and a Little AI

A diverse group of colleagues gather around a humanoid robot working at a computer in a modern office. One man points at the screen while others, including a woman and another man wearing a headset, look on attentively. Green plants decorate the spacious office.

It’s no secret that AI is all vogue. When you’re in the supply chain software solutions business, if you don’t have AI, you’re a has-been. Don’t worry, we’ve started to infuse a little AI to good effect in Intuiflow… However, it’s hard for industry players to see where AI is relevant. Have you seen any … Read more

Requested Date or Promised Date

A black and white checkered flag is being held up against a clear blue sky with a few scattered clouds.

Service rate – on time in full – is THE most important performance measure for a supply chain – it measures our ability to deliver on time. OK, but what does “deliver on time” mean? Does this mean: -Deliver on the date requested by the customer? -Deliver within a predefined timeframe? -Deliver on the date … Read more

Supply Chain Management: Daring to Automate

A hand is adjusting a blue dial knob on a control panel. The control panel shows three modes: "Manual Mode" at the top, "Semi-Auto Mode" in the middle, and "Automatic Mode" at the bottom. The dial is pointing towards "Automatic Mode.

Warning 1: this article is not (too) much about artificial intelligence, and not at all about generative artificial intelligence, or LLM. If you’re a fan of shiny stuff that contributes to depleting the planet’s resources by wasting as much energy as possible, you’d better move on! Warning 2: if you think that supply chain management … Read more

Transforming Aerospace Supply Chain Management

A paper airplane glides through the air with its shadow cast on a blue background, forming the silhouette of a conventional airplane.

An airplane is complex. There are tens of thousands of parts in the bill of materials for an airliner. To supply these parts, there’s a whole network of tier 1 suppliers, tier 2 suppliers, and n suppliers. The supplier base is made up of large multinationals, as well as a network of SMEs and mid-sized companies with very specific skills – it’s a … Read more

How to Visit a Factory

Two men wearing high-visibility vests marked "visitor" walk inside an industrial facility, viewed from behind.

Factories prioritize value creation – the flow analysis from a factory determines the company’s ability to respond to its markets.  When you visit a factory, beyond the state-of-the-art machines, the impressive technologies, and the exemplary 5S (or not), try to understand how these flows are connected to the needs of the company and its customers. A visit is quick – … Read more