Replenishment+ NetSuite: Extend SuiteCloud Platform with Inventory Planning Native in NetSuite

By demanddriven

Replenishment+ NetSuite is the most widely deployed Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning (DDMRP) compliant supply chain solutions. The first and only DDMRP-compliant solution built exclusively for NetSuite, Replenishment+ NetSuite dramatically improves your supply chain performance by aligning inventory to true market demands, resulting in compressed lead times, improved customer
service, and increased visibility across the supply chain.

Demand Driven Technologies is proud to be working with manufacturers and distributors from various industries such as electronics, consumer goods, aerospace, packaging, healthcare, automotive or industrial products.

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Key Features and Benefits of Replenishment+ NetSuite

Item Buffers are designed to achieve constant material availability;

Planner Workbench provides planners and buyers with clear visibility to priorities;

Inventory Alerts ensure effective follow up on potential stock out situations;

Part Analytics provides a clear understanding of buffer performance and inventory trends;

Planned Adjustments flex buffers address seasonal and promotional demand trends;

– Achieve lead time compression through strategic buffering of key items;

– User interface is fully consistent with NetSuite UI;

– Built for NetSuite, which means it is a native NetSuite app;

Replenishment+ Snapshot Bundle provides quick assessment of potential improvements

– The one and only DDMRP-compliant solution for NetSuite.

NetSuite Integration is not required. Replenishment+ NetSuite is simply installed via the
NetSuite SuiteBundler.

Main Business Benefits

  • Provides greater visibility into supply chain and demand mismatches
  • Improves materials planning by shifting from forecast-driven to sales order-driven planning
  • Improves lead times and service levels
  • User-friendly
  • Inventory reduction

Replenishment+ NetSuite Customer Achievements:

– Customer service rates of 97% – 99%;

– Lead time reductions of up to 80%;

– Inventory reductions of 40% – 50%;

– Improved planner and buyer productivity

And all these meaningful results are achieved already within 1-2 lead times!

Implementation Insights

  • Implementation typically takes 4-6-weeks beginning with either an on-site or remote workshop;
  • Implementation prerequisite in NetSuite: there is often some data cleansing to be performed regarding lead times, minimum order quantities, and bill of materials.

Real Success Stories Speak Louder than Words

Currently, more than 80 enterprises across six continents rely on Demand Driven Technologies as their trusted partner in continuous supply chain improvement and competitive advantage. Each new case confirms that our solutions lead to phenomenal achievements.

See what your inventory & service levels look like in a DDMRP environment.

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