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“Intuiflow allowed us to leverage short lead times to the market and create a huge market advantage, tripling our operating profit.”

Business Challenge

The Jamestown Container Company is a multi-facility, concept-to-finished-goods corrugated packaging supplier with an exceptional reputation for customer service and quick product turnaround times. For over 60 years, Jamestown has competed in an industry mired in overcapacity, high fixed costs, intense price competition and spiraling margin erosion.

The need for unparalleled speed, quality and service is core to their business strategy. It is critical for Jamestown Container that their supply chain solution drive internal efficiency and improve working capital utilization.

Jamestown desired a solution that would create unique value for their customers through:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Higher customer service levels


The implementation of Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) concepts and Intuiflow software, (formerly Replenishment+),  from Demand Driven Technologies,  is instrumental to Jamestown’s success. The implementation enabled Jamestown to leverage their own unique replenishment market solution against their competitors ‘traditional inventory’ approach enabling them to achieve:

  • Increased best in class customer service levels with immediate stock
  • Nearly eliminated expedites
  • Increased market share significantly
  • Improved operating margin / profit
  • Reduced inventory investment for customers and themselves
  • Increased operating profit by 300%
  • Reduced inventory by 60%
  • Reduced lead times by 70%

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