ABI Attachments manufactures innovative ground engaging attachments for the equine, sports turf, contractor, and property owner markets. Founded in 1997, ABI’s mission is to empower the world with better ways to get outdoor work done.

Business Challenge

ABI Attachments designs, produces, and distributes over 5,000 attachments a year. As the company began to decrease its reliance on third-party manufacturers—and assemble a larger percentage of products in its Mishawaka, Indiana headquarters—executives realized that their spreadsheet-based planning system was not enough to effectively manage more than 1,200 component parts.

The installation of NetSuite’s ERP software helped, but ABI’s VP of Finance, John Dilling, said the company still struggled to get the information it needed to prevent stockouts.

The organization began to search for a solution that could deliver more robust and effective insights while fitting seamlessly into their NetSuite ecosystem.

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Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow

Ten years ago, Demand Driven Technologies launched the world’s first Demand Driven supply chain solutions: Replenishment+, APM, and DBR+. Now, we’re uniting those solutions into a single, powerful solution. Meet Intuiflow.

What’s in a name?

Our solutions are built to make supply chain management intuitive — and help manufacturers ensure the best flow of materials through their supply chains.

What’s changed?

Intuiflow integrates all our solutions into a single, powerful platform — and incorporates AI/ML to identify patterns in demand faster and more accurately than ever before.

What does that mean?

Intuiflow brings you DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP compliance in one suite, powering critical synergies across the business.

Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow