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A New Standard For Operational Excellence

In 2011, Demand Driven Technologies launched the world’s first Demand Driven supply chain solutions to help manufacturing and distribution companies build more responsive, reliable operations. These solutions quickly set an industry standard for their ability to deliver tangible, sustainable service level improvements and power greater visibility across complex global supply chains.

Now, we’re taking the next step forward with Intuiflow — a comprehensive suite that brings AI/ML and Demand Driven methods together into a single, cloud-based Integrated Business Planning platform.


Get Faster Time-to-Value

The world is unpredictable. To optimize business performance, you need to adapt to change, not strain to see it coming. We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to identify trends in your data and deliver faster and more actionable insights about new threats and opportunities. Through these advanced techniques, you’ll be able to achieve more dynamic resource optimization, build more agile production and scheduling capabilities, and realize faster time-to-value on all your supply chain initiatives, from strategy to the shop floor.


Safeguard Critical Assets

A smooth supply chain is a major competitive advantage. That’s why we use SOC2 — the industry’s highest standard — to ensure the security of your data. We monitor our networks for known and unknown threats, maintain detailed audit trails, and take swift action whenever we detect potentially malicious activity.

Robust ERP Integrations

Our platform integrates seamlessly with all ERPs, including:


Hit The Ground Running

We know firsthand how painful it can be to implement new supply chain solutions. So we worked hard to build a smart platform that leverages AI/ML to analyze your business environment and assist our team of internal experts as they set the most effective parameters — and deliver a complete solution in a matter of weeks, not months. 

User Experience

Work Intuitively

Modern supply chains are complex. Running them doesn’t have to be. We make operations management intuitive by delivering meaningful information and insights about resources, risks, inventory, opportunities, and performance. Spend less time manipulating data and more time making natural, intuitive decisions about what matters most to your business.