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Demand Driven Technologies Opens Office in Europe

By Kevin Allen

Demand Driven Technologies opens office in France to accelerate the adoption of the demand-driven operating model in Europe.

Atlanta, GA – May 5, 2020

Demand Driven Technologies (DD Tech), the company that pioneered Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), announced today that it will be opening an office near Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux is a very dynamic city, at the forefront of new technologies and best practices in supply chain management, with easy flight and high velocity train connections throughout Europe.

“Historically, we’ve been the leading provider of demand driven solutions in France, so opening our first European office there made sense,” Said Erik Bush, Demand Driven Technologies CEO. “This office provides easy access to other European and African countries and will improve our ability to collaborate with customers and implementation partners around the world.”

The office will be led by Bernard Milian who is a recognized leader in the demand driven movement through his work with Agilea Conseil.  Milian has been a practitioner and consultant for more than three decades and is endorsed by the Demand Driven Institute for DDP and DDL. Isabelle Jollet will also be joining the DD Tech Europe office. Ms. Jollet has spent over two decades in supply chain management and holds a CDDP certification from the International Supply Chain Education Alliance. She is also a Certified Professional Forecaster. Together they have more than 30 DDMRP implementations to date within AGILEA, the historical channel partner for DD Tech in France. Additional staff will be joining in the coming weeks.

“While the COVID-19 outbreak is a severe crisis across the globe, we’ve been inspired by the ‘can do’ attitude of our clients who are continuing to move implementations forward in spite of work from home and travel restrictions” said Bush, “we are launching our European office to enable more effective support of current clients and to be positioned for the return to normal business activity later in the year.”

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