Intuiflow S&OP Module named New Product of the Year by TOCICO

By Nicole Marcillac
Demand Driven Technologies Award

New innovative solution takes supply chain operations planning and execution to the next level

ATLANTA, August 21, 2018 – Demand Driven Technologies (DD Tech), the leading provider of Demand Driven MRP compliant supply chain solutions, announced today that its Intuiflow’s S&OP module, formerly known as Replenishment+® Advanced Planning Module, has been named New Product of the Year by The Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) at their 16th Annual International Conference in Las Vegas. TOCICO is a global not-for-profit certification organization for Theory of Constraints (TOC) practitioners, consultants and academics to develop and administer certification standards, and facilitate the exchange of latest developments.

“This award recognizes Demand Driven Technologies with the successful introduction of an innovative new TOC product to the market,” said Dr. Lisa Lang, Chairman of the TOCICO. “The S&OP module of Intuiflow provides an excellent platform for sales and operations planning in a true demand driven environment”.

“We are honored to be recognized for this prestigious new product award,” said Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies. “In today’s competitive market environment, supply chain performance is critical. Our solutions are enabling clients to achieve breakthrough results while overcoming the limitations of traditional production planning, scheduling and execution systems”.

The Advanced Planning Module supports Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning (DDS&OP) enabling users to continually adapt their operating model to ever-changing market dynamics. The result is improved alignment of materials and production to true market demand.

About Demand Driven Tech

Demand Driven Technologies provides Intuiflow, formerly known as Replenishment+, the first and most widely deployed DDMRP compliant supply chain software solution.  The company was formed in 2011 with the singular focus of enabling manufacturing and distribution clients to achieve breakthrough performance through the application of Demand Driven tactics and technologies.  As the DDMRP market leader, it is the company’s vision to make enterprise-class Demand Driven Supply Chain planning easy and accessible to all.  More than 130 enterprises across six continents rely on Demand Driven Tech as their trusted partner in continuous supply chain improvement and competitive advantage.  For more information:

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Ten years ago, Demand Driven Technologies launched the world’s first Demand Driven supply chain solutions: Replenishment+, APM, and DBR+. Now, we’re uniting those solutions into a single, powerful solution. Meet Intuiflow.

What’s in a name?

Our solutions are built to make supply chain management intuitive — and help manufacturers ensure the best flow of materials through their supply chains.

What’s changed?

Intuiflow integrates all our solutions into a single, powerful platform — and incorporates AI/ML to identify patterns in demand faster and more accurately than ever before.

What does that mean?

Intuiflow brings you DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP compliance in one suite, powering critical synergies across the business.

Replenishment+ is now Intuiflow