Replenishment+ APM

“Our team used to spend hours a day determining material requirements, looking for items, issuing POs, expediting orders, etc. Now, the data is right in front of us first thing in the morning.”
~Scott Faniola, Director of Supply Chain - Weiland


Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning

Adapt to ever-changing market dynamics and ensure the alignment of materials and capacity to expected conditions. This add-on module, Replenishment+ Advanced Planning Module (APM) provides the ability to plan around future known events such as holidays or promotions and make the appropriate adjustments.

  • Maximize customer service and throughput performance
  • Adjust to constant changes in market conditions
  • Dramatically reduce the impact of variation
  • Improve operations stability and productivity

Projected Supply

Reveal expected production or vendor supply order requirements versus planned capabilities.

Promotion Report

Easily see periods where demand peaks beyond defined alert thresholds.

Projected Inventory

Highlight inventory exposures enabling configuration changes to the Demand Driven Operating Model.

See Projected Inventory Gaps

See buffer distribution and projected gap between on hand inventory and target inventory.

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