Replenishment+NS MRP Software

“Replenishment+ gave us a demand-driven way to handle uncertainty in the marketplace. It’s had immeasurable benefits to the way we run our supply chain.”
~Mark Evans, Supply Chain Manager - Eminess


Faster Alignment, Better Performance — Native for NetSuite

Replenishment+ NetSuite (NS) is the industry’s leading material requirements planning solution, improving service levels by shifting from forecast driven to sales order driven planning. Built native for NetSuite — and based on Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) principles — it automatically identifies strategic inventory positions so you can know sooner and act faster when supply and demand are misaligned. With one-click approval of recommended orders, supply chain leaders can better align inventory to true market demand, compressing lead times and increasing visibility across the supply chain.

Skip the expensive and time-consuming software integrations by installing Replenishment+ NS via the SuiteCloud Platform.

Enhance Service Levels

Reduce inventory

Increase operational stability / Productivity

Make proactive changes based on expected demand

Streamline Long-Term Planning with the Replenishment+ Advanced Planning Module

The Replenishment+ Advanced Planning Module (APM) provides deeper insight into long-range resource planning for even greater operational stability. This add-on S&OP software module powers improvements in inventory position, service levels, and lead times by helping you evaluate potential scenarios and adjust the operations that are most at risk.

Align Inventory to True Market Demand

  • Re-supply orders are based on actual sales consumption, significantly reducing the impact of inaccurate forecasts on your material positions.
  • Planner Workbench provides planners and buyers with at-a-glance information regarding the part status and available stock position.

Eliminate the ‘Bullwhip’ Effect

  • Buffers are configured to ensure constant material availability resulting in improved supply chain performance.
  • Visual insight into buffer zone size, available stock on hand, position and target inventory.
  • Planned adjustments flex bluffers to address seasonality and/or promotional trends.
  • Alerts enable planners to adjust inventory, as and when needed.

Improve Decision Making With Visibility Across Supply Chain

Replenishment+ NetSuite improves company-wide decision making and allows access to built-in analytics.

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