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Supply Chain Transformation: Watch Your Step

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We were recently approached to tender by a company looking for a forecasting and procurement solution. The tender included all the buzzwords of the moment: AI, big data, and a system that could process millions of planning actions per day (sic). When we talk to this company to understand their context, we quickly realize that … Read more

Intuiflow Auto Pilot: Inventory Buffers Made Simple

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Since the introduction of computer-based material planning solutions, planners and supplier chain managers have been scratching their heads trying to determine how to properly size inventory buffers and safety stock settings. Try a Google search today reveals a multitude of different theories and formulas on how this can be done. Yet, planners today are still … Read more

Unlocking Nuanced Supply Chain Planning

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When the world becomes more complex, a little nuance doesn’t hurt… A binary approach doesn’t usually solve problems. This adage also applies to the planning of our supply chains.  Our management systems, by definition, are binary – running on computers more at ease with zeros and ones, true/false, than with progressive, nuanced gradation. The material … Read more