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Business Challenge

As the world leader in dental implants manufacturing and distribution, Straumann Group competes in markets throughout the world. The growing adoption of dental implantology globally led to fast growth, rapid SKU proliferation, and increasingly complex flows within a highly regulated context. Over the last several years, Straumann Group struggled to maintain service levels, despite increasing their inventory levels.

After reviewing their supply chain practices, it became clear to the leadership team that the existing forecast-driven paradigm was reaching its limits and that end-to-end pull/flow techniques needed to be rolled out to adapt to rapid changes in market conditions.


Straumann Group selected Replenishment+® from Demand Driven Technologies and rolled it out first in its French Anthogyr factory. After one year, the results were so compelling that  the corporation decided to embark on a group-wide Demand Driven transformation. In 2020, Replenishment+® has being implemented in the main plant in Switzerland. Other manufacturing and distribution sites will follow in 2021.

The implementation of DDMRP concepts within the solution, including buffer positioning, sizing, demand signal filtering, planning and execution processes, improved bi-directional information and material flow, enabling Straumann Group to quickly:

  • Rebalance and reduce inventories
  • Reduce finished goods replenishment lead time
  • Stabilize the production schedule
  • Align the manufacturing and distribution facilities to consistent priorities.

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