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“Our team used to spend hours a day determining material requirements, looking for items, issuing POs, expediting orders, etc. Now, with Intuiflow, the data is right in front of us first thing in the morning.”

Business Challenge

Wieland Metal Services’ raw materials: copper, steel, aluminum, etc., can be very expensive and are purchased in large quantities. According to Scott Faniola, Director of Supply Chain at Wieland Metal Services, the average raw material MOQ is over 10,000 pounds. In addition, these materials have long lead times, so purchase orders (POs) need to be placed far in advance.

Materials Planners at Wieland Metal Services are key to maintaining high service levels without keeping high levels of inventory. With the changing of ERP systems in 2017, the supply chain management system was cumbersome and did not fit the business needs. As a result of this, many spreadsheets were developed to better model the material needs. These required daily management and often lead to errors.

Like any organization focused on customer service, Wieland Metal Services wanted to minimize stockouts. This was especially true for the organization’s sales reps who use service levels as a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, this tended to drive inventory levels unnecessarily high as the current ERP system did not optimize inventory purchases effectively.

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