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By Demand Driven Technologies

The Atlanta-based planning solution provider Demand Driven Technologies and the process mining specialist are entering into a strategic partnership.

About Demand Driven Technologies

As supply chains grow more complex—and customers expect ever-faster turnaround times—demand is growing for planning process simplification and real-time visibility into material availability.

Demand Driven Technologies delivers those solutions to hundreds of companies across dozens of different industries. Their Intuiflow solution (formerly known as Replenishment+) leverages the ground-breaking DDMRP methodology to help planners align material to actual market demand—and build more responsive, reliable supply chains.

About GmbH und Co. KG is an independent IT specialist that makes process mining and data science tools available to companies. The combined use of data science and process mining solutions helps companies to carry out data-driven process optimizations by visualizing and harnessing the hidden process knowledge already contained in data and checking compliance with KPIs.

Process mining provides time-efficient process data and analyses

Process mining uses the data traces of process flows that accumulate in a company’s IT systems to reconstruct and analyze business processes – even in real time. This makes process mining a solution for effective optimization and control of processes on the one hand and the basis for automation on the other.

To learn how process mining and the demand driven model bring a new level of visibility and performance to supply chain leaders, read the blog Learning to see in the digital age.

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