Case Study: Increasing In House Production

tractor plowing field

The pandemic dealt an unprecedented blow to global supply chains, with virtually all business leaders reporting disruptions to their strategic sourcing and supplier management processes.   Yet some companies found ways to mitigate the impact to their operations. In Demand Driven Technology’s Pandemic Planning series, we take a look at their stories—and how they leveraged DDMRP to adjust to a changing landscape.  More … Read more

DDMRP in India: A Conversation with Yagna

Today’s supply chains are global, so it’s no surprise that interest in DDMRP spans the world, too. In India, Demand Driven Technologies has had the privilege of partnering with Yagna, a supply chain “Resultancy” that helps small to mid-sized businesses streamline operations and improve materials flow. After collaborating on the implementation of Replenishment+ at an … Read more

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