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Shop Floor 4.0: How to Release Work at the Right Time!

The 4.0 shop floor — so talked about of late — is not only about incorporating real-time technology and digital tools. The 4.0 shop floor must be agile and respond to real customer demand. Lead times must be short, priorities must be visible, and decisions must be intuitive for all. In this series of articles, we look back at … Read more

How to Prepare for a Successful Replenishment+ Implementation

two open computers - replenishment+ implementation

Preparing for a software implementation or a supply chain enhancement project can be a long process. You research and select potential software, draw up project timelines, name project champions, and solicit project and budget approvals, to name just a few highlights. At the end of this, you are ready to turn this over to the … Read more

We’re Celebrating Our 10-Year Anniversary

DDMRP was put into the public domain in 2011, when the third edition of Orlicky’s Materials Requirements Planning book was published. It was also in 2011 that Demand Driven Technologies was created. The first versions of the Replenishment+ material requirements planning and DBR+ production planning solutions had been developed in the mid-2000s by the Constraint … Read more

Case Study: Adapting to a New Retail Landscape

The pandemic dealt an unprecedented blow to global supply chains, with virtually all business leaders reporting disruptions to their strategic sourcing and supplier management processes. Yet some companies found ways to mitigate the impact to their operations. In Demand Driven Technology’s Pandemic Planning series, we take a look at their stories—and how they leveraged DDMRP … Read more

Simplexity, Or, How To Preserve Your Available Brain Time!

In 2004, a TV station owner in France created controversy by cynically claiming that he was selling his advertisers “available brain time” from his viewers. More than fifteen years later, the available brain time that most of us possess has shrunk considerably, as we are constantly bombarded by a flow of information, along with explicit … Read more

Uncertainty Will Only Increase. Here’s What that Means for Your Supply Chain.

Okay, 2020 was an exceptional year with the pandemic. The impacts on our personal and professional lives were extreme. 2021 remains very uncertain.  Measuring global economic uncertainty If we take a step back and disregard Covid-19, however, we can see that the uncertainty facing our companies is constantly increasing. This is not a consultant’s speech, … Read more

How to Simplify a Complex Supply Chain

If you live in an industrial or distribution environment, chances are that your product portfolios have multiplied over the last ten or twenty years. Marketing differentiation, personalization, configured items, depth of distribution networks: these are possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of references to manage.  In other words, there are tens or hundreds of thousands of references … Read more

A Paradigm Shift in Supply Chain Thinking

A DDMRP Practitioner Talks About the Evolution of PwC’s Global Operations Practice

Ivan Lavatelli is the operations leader for PwC Italy and the global lead for PwC’s DDMRP practice. He’s also been a driving force behind Demand Driven Technologies’ presence in the European market. We sat down to chat with Ivan about his experience evolving PwC’s operations focus from traditional APICS thinking about supply chain management to demand-driven MRP.

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