We’re Celebrating Our 10-Year Anniversary

By Bernard Milian

DDMRP was put into the public domain in 2011, when the third edition of Orlicky’s Materials Requirements Planning book was published.

It was also in 2011 that Demand Driven Technologies was created. The first versions of the Replenishment+ material requirements planning and DBR+ production planning solutions had been developed in the mid-2000s by the Constraint Management Group consulting firm to implement an approach derived from the theory of constraints known as “Actively Synchronized Replenishment.”

Ten years ago, Demand Driven Technologies was the forerunner — and the only player — offering “DDMRP Compliant” solutions, even before such DDMRP compliance existed. It was an emerging, almost confidential practice.

How far we have come!

Under the leadership of the Demand Driven Institute, the Demand Driven movement has spread across the industry. Thanks to our colleagues who joined us in the adventure — to date, the DDMRP compliant software community counts about thirty members, and will undoubtedly continue to grow!

We are delighted to be in such good company. Competition drives progress, and in 10 years, it has transformed a confidential practice into an approach that is increasingly adopted by businesses — simply because it delivers results.

Our solutions comply with all three Demand Driven Institute certifications. This enables us to implement a complete Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise model, from S&OP to execution on the shop floor. We hope to be joined by others soon, as we believe that for the model to be widely adopted it needs to become a recognized industry standard, just as MRP2 has become in its time.

As a pioneer and leader in Demand Driven approaches, we are determined to pursue methodological and technological advances that empower an even greater number of companies to reap its benefits. After all, businesses must be able to adapt if they are to survive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment.

In the coming months, we will introduce significant innovations that will further our customers’ ability to develop the agility and resilience of their supply chain through intuitive management modes.

Stay tuned!

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