Pandemic Planning: How To Maintain A Smooth Flow

The pandemic dealt an unprecedented blow to global supply chains, with virtually all business leaders reporting disruptions to their strategic sourcing and supplier management processes. Yet some companies found ways to mitigate the impact to their operations. In Demand Driven Technologies’ Pandemic Planning series, we take a look at their stories—and how they leveraged DDMRP … Read more

How to Manage New Product Launches with DDMRP

product launch ddmrp - hands and rocket

Orchestrating the launch of new products is one of the processes you need to define when designing your Demand Driven model. It uses special techniques for several reasons: Since this is a new product, you have no historical demand The uncertainty on the demand profile is greater than for a mature product There can be … Read more

How to Simplify a Complex Supply Chain

If you live in an industrial or distribution environment, chances are that your product portfolios have multiplied over the last ten or twenty years. Marketing differentiation, personalization, configured items, depth of distribution networks: these are possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of references to manage.  In other words, there are tens or hundreds of thousands of references … Read more

Buffer for Dummies: How Buffers Can Improve Supply Chain Flow

A Demand Driven Buffer, what’s that? In the Demand Driven jargon we talk about “buffers” of different types. What are they used for? How do they work? This post introduces some basic concepts, which are explored in detail in the Demand Driven Institute’s training courses. Buffers and variability. If you have any experience in supply chain you … Read more

How to Use DDMRP in Retail for a Promotional Campaign

“I understand that we should replenish our points of sale with DDMRP for permanent products, but can you also do it for promotional products?” Our client asked us.

“Uh yeah, well,  it should probably work, but lets think about it a little bit…”

A year later, after multiple simulations based on sales history, and the implementation of a dozen promotional campaigns, the demonstration is there: it works very well, but the model needs to be adapted.

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