Eminess Technologies

I was very impressed with the amount of support we received, Demand Driven Technologies sent a team of three specialists here for four days to lead in-depth training.

Mark Evans

Business Challenge

Eminess manufactures, customizes, and distributes products for slicing, grinding, lapping, and polishing critical surfaces, primarily in the electronics and optics industries. Customer needs are highly precise, while supplier reliability is variable. Lead times on raw materials for Eminess’ line of around 4,500 finished items range from three to 150 days. Some items can only ship six months out of the year due to temperature sensitivities.

Historically, Eminess executives relied on a homegrown material planning process with manuallyset reorder points. Results were good, but the company’s move to NetSuite in late 2018 presented an opportunity to modernize and improve. NetSuite’s native planning software was insufficient for the company’s needs, so Supply Chain Manager Mark Evans began searching for alternatives.

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