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Industrial Supply Chains, Simplified

Build An Optimized Supply Chain

Supply Chain Confidence

Companies are used to planning around demanding customers, short shelf lives, and seasonal events and promotions.

Yet new regulations, fast-changing trends, increased supply chain complexity, and thin margins have strained existing MRP based planning methods. Inventory accuracy and availability are long-held challenges. Executives struggle to gain the visibility they need to optimize plans and respond to demand volatility.

A New Approach to Industrial Supply Chain Challenges

Traditional planning relies on forecasts to anticipate demand. Yet the industry’s rapidly increasing SKU counts have had a dramatic impact on forecast accuracy. Holding higher inventories cuts into already thin margins.

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) aligns replenishment not to forecasts but to market demand from actual customer orders. It works by establishing—and dynamically adapting—inventory buffers of key materials, maintaining efficient flow that flexes with changing demand. The result: better visibility, improved fill rates, and reduced inventory levels.

Supply Meet Actual Demand

By aligning inventory to sales-order driven demand, DDMRP can help you:

Shorten Lead Times

Learn how to ensure your materials stay fresh with DDMRP.

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Ensure Visibility

Learn how to improve visibility across your entire supply chain.

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Get out of Spreadsheets

Learn how to stop planning in spreadsheets.

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Right–Size Inventory

Learn how to size your inventory correctly.

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Improve Order Fill Rates

Learn how to ensure you are getting the correct amount out at the right time.

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Slash Freight Expedites

Learn how to slash the need for freight expedites.

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Adapting to Supply Chain Disruption

Case Study: Weiland

“Our team used to spend hours a day determining material requirements, looking for items, issuing POs, expediting orders, etc. Now, with Replenishment+, the data is right in front of us first thing in the morning.”

Case Study: Eminess

I was very impressed with the amount of support we received, Demand Driven Technologies sent a team of three specialists here for four days to lead in-depth training.


On-Demand Webinar:

Where Does Your ERP Fall Short?

Demand Driven MRP is built for the complex supply chain to simplify planning, providing planners the ability to focus on what truly matters. While every supply chain is different in their processes and objectives, this end to end methodology takes a new approach to planning and execution to provide greater visibility throughout your entire supply chain.

Case Study: IVAR

“We were very attracted to this methodology because it looked very simple and very effective. We are very happy with this collaboration because we’ve seen a very quick reaction to our requests to solve our problems.”


Case Study: IZAR

“The Replenishment+ solution is a very intuitive and visual supply chain management tool, that enabled us to apply the principles of lean manufacturing.”


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